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I’m guessing after this last year changes are hard work for everyone. We’ve all struggled with the changes, what we can do and when we can do it. Being told what to do. When Z’s behaviour started to change I had no idea why....

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Z finally got them out! When we had the outpatient appointment the dr asked me was it ethical to remove them because of how difficult it would be to get pain relief into him afterwards. I said we would try our best. Two days of...

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Needs must

I rang school to see if Z could have a place today. I can give him all the sensory things he needs, can supply him with flour, rice, water, I can give him different swings for his sensory needs, a weighted blanket, a light up...

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Follow your instincts.

How much do we change as parents? I remember having community speech and language coming to the house when Z was little. Oh put all his toys up on shelves so he has to ask for them. This didn’t sit right with me then, I’d often...

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Term one … done !

That’s 7 weeks done of school, new teacher, staff, new friends of course new normal and a half term of lockdown completed. I can see my old Z returning slowly, my happy human back. Yes he still has a few meh moments but he’s a...

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Week one complete!

First week complete. Honestly, I was expecting at least a few phone calls about his behaviour. After nearly six months of no school, and a whole new set up, I’ll admit I was worried. Sunday night and all week we’d used the word...

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Dear teacher 2020

I’m sure you are just as nervous as we parents are today, tomorrow you get to meet your new class, some children you most probably haven’t met, others like Z you’d have heard about. This will be the first year of teaching you’ll...

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Five years of going in every direction!

Time hop reminded me that 5 years Z had his official diagnosis. Five years have flown and we’ve gone in so many different directions since then. Sometimes I feel like we’re never going forward, that we’re on a boat in the middle...

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