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Sensory Meltdowns.

Meltdown or temper tantrum? I often hear oh the word meltdown. If Z is kicking off in town, kicking off or a temper tantrum like a toddler who’s at the age or stage of development to know what they want or don’t want...

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Until we meet again.

Miscarriage, baby loss, it doesn’t actually get any easier. October 15th the end of baby loss awareness week. My second year of understanding the pain, lighting a candle in memory. I know one day we’ll meet again,...

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Tough days

I’m sure tough days are so much worse on lack of sleep. This last week has kinda been a nightmare. Tuesday drs for an infected finger, give it 48 hours it should heal on its own. Thursday he had a nighttime accident so...

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A change of routine.

Z’s into his fourth year of full time school, his routine has always been we leave, collect the escort, bus, school children and school. I collect him in the bus and dad takes him off at 3.30. This year dads shifts have...

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