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I’ve never been a fan of change. I’ve never known why. If something works, why change it? Looking back to my teenage years, I’d go out to the same places on the same nights at the same times with the same people....

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When a teacher listens.

We’re heading into the fourth full week of term. After school a no caller id I answer those calls! Then the teachers voice and you kind of go oh no, what’s he done. The way teachers always start with there’s nothing wrong but…...

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Adult diagnosis

It’s been just over a week where it was confirmed I am indeed autistic with many cross over types into ADHD. Without the internet and reading other peoples stories maybe I’d not have gone after my son diagnosis. I am different...

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Who am I?

This week I had my own autism diagnosis. Something I’ve questioned since Z was little when family...

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A new term 2022 – 23

With just a week to go until school resumes. We’ve had a great few weeks off. Is he ready to return I’m not quite sure. We’ve spent the summer having fun, playing at the beach, visiting new places, swimming, and just doing...

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Summer holidays 2022

Back in summer of 2019 was the first summer holidays I’d really enjoyed with Z. Sounds bad right? But we went out he was happy and content and it worked. Then September came around and everything changed. It took me until...

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Last day of term.

I’ve not written in what feels like forever. Today is the last day of the first full year after Covid. We’ve had quite a bit of covid destruction days off here and sent home there. Yet we’ve made it. Will Z make it to the end of...

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For those that’s been following us in the search for Z’s iPad and phones many times. It’s like a little game of hide and seek. The phone gets posted in very random places such as behind radiators and down beds, his recent one...

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Self Identity – who am I?

Who am I? This time last year I applied or is that the wrong word! For an autism diagnosis for myself. I’ve thought about it for awhile. The online tests came back seek a gp appointment. After going back to education I saw how...

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Piggy bank theory.

The more I’m finding out about myself the more I’m trying to make sense out of basically life! Why could before I manage things that I seem to really struggle with now the older I get? Silly things like going back to uni to the...

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