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End of term!

Today I decided not to send Z back to school. I thought about it all day for the last week. For now he’s happy and I don’t want that to change. Last day of official school! There will be no sports day, no school fete, no parents...

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What is it now? Z can go back to school one day a week for the next three weeks. What do I do? I’m not worried about the virus, maybe I should, but right now I’m not. Of course, I’m worried of Z’s mental health, the last what...

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No summer term.

Normally I’d be thinking few more days and that’s it half term over, school Monday. But then I would also be looking forward to the holidays, counting down the days of maybe a lay in after the 3-5am wake up! I’d give it a week...

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We’re still adapting!

It’s a little strange sitting here think of what next. Normally Z would be into the summer term, I’d be starting to worry about loosing his teacher and who he’d be getting in September. Maybe, changing teachers three weeks...

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A-Z Autism 2020

I do this each year , have done since I started writing. It’s crazy to think how far we’ve come. 2016 2017 2018 2019 This last few months I’ve read more from autistic adults than professionals, it was this year I learned who the...

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It’s ok…

Life as we knew it is still very different. I went out yesterday for the first time since we were locked down, it made it real, it’s really strange out there. Quiet roads, no one about, just the few people getting what they...

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Life as we know it has changed till who knows. There’s been many things I’ve wanted to get done or finished and I haven’t because truthfully, life’s to short and you can make so many excuses. It’s a nice day let’s head to the...

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Who are the professionals?

Following on from my last post about being Z’s voice it’s made me think a little more. I gave him his iPad back, I think we’re at the understanding point that 10pm it goes on charge. Professionals say no electronics before bed...

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I am his voice

I am his voice, I have always been his voice. Until the day he can tell me what he wants then I will be the voice he needs. When you have a baby it’s all new, as a new parent you are made to feel like you know nothing, but after...

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