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Week one complete!

First week complete. Honestly, I was expecting at least a few phone calls about his behaviour. After nearly six months of no school, and a whole new set up, I’ll admit I was worried. Sunday night and all week we’d used the word...

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Dear teacher 2020

I’m sure you are just as nervous as we parents are today, tomorrow you get to meet your new class, some children you most probably haven’t met, others like Z you’d have heard about. This will be the first year of teaching you’ll...

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Five years of going in every direction!

Time hop reminded me that 5 years Z had his official diagnosis. Five years have flown and we’ve gone in so many different directions since then. Sometimes I feel like we’re never going forward, that we’re on a boat in the middle...

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When is enough?

Lockdown, covid -19 may well have broken me. It has a lot to answer for. I understand loads of people are in the same place as me. I love my child, I’ll do anything for him. If he needs anything I’ll get it. When he breaks stuff...

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Some days are harder than others.

Some days are harder than others. The harder days are becoming more the norm. The bigger he’s getting the harder it is. I’m hoping it’s the age, 7 year olds are hard work anyways right! It’s been 20 weeks since Z was at school....

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Last day of school, the lockdown way!

If Z had gone for his catch up days in school then today would have been his last day. His last day of infants, age wise he moves into (KS2) juniors come September. This year he’s moving, he’s leaving the area he’s spent the...

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End of term!

Today I decided not to send Z back to school. I thought about it all day for the last week. For now he’s happy and I don’t want that to change. Last day of official school! There will be no sports day, no school fete, no parents...

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What is it now? Z can go back to school one day a week for the next three weeks. What do I do? I’m not worried about the virus, maybe I should, but right now I’m not. Of course, I’m worried of Z’s mental health, the last what...

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