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For those that’s been following us in the search for Z’s iPad and phones many times. It’s like a little game of hide and seek. The phone gets posted in very random places such as behind radiators and down beds, his recent one...

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Self Identity – who am I?

Who am I? This time last year I applied or is that the wrong word! For an autism diagnosis for myself. I’ve thought about it for awhile. The online tests came back seek a gp appointment. After going back to education I saw how...

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Piggy bank theory.

The more I’m finding out about myself the more I’m trying to make sense out of basically life! Why could before I manage things that I seem to really struggle with now the older I get? Silly things like going back to uni to the...

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Today I failed. Me, me as a person. I was suppose to be going away for my dads birthday as a surprise. My nerves were in bits all week, I’ve hardly eaten but didn’t put two and two together until today. I was stressing about Z...

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I’m back!

I seem to have taken a massive break over the pandemic. Things closed, so many things in place meant it was difficult to go anywhere so I just turned to logging it all via Facebook. I need to start writing again. So much have...

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Z finally got them out! When we had the outpatient appointment the dr asked me was it ethical to remove them because of how difficult it would be to get pain relief into him afterwards. I said we would try our best. Two days of...

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Needs must

I rang school to see if Z could have a place today. I can give him all the sensory things he needs, can supply him with flour, rice, water, I can give him different swings for his sensory needs, a weighted blanket, a light up...

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Follow your instincts.

How much do we change as parents? I remember having community speech and language coming to the house when Z was little. Oh put all his toys up on shelves so he has to ask for them. This didn’t sit right with me then, I’d often...

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Term one … done !

That’s 7 weeks done of school, new teacher, staff, new friends of course new normal and a half term of lockdown completed. I can see my old Z returning slowly, my happy human back. Yes he still has a few meh moments but he’s a...

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