For this week’s blog I have decided to write about last week’s Mother & Toddler Group and what I have done during my week.  But first of all I would like to apologise for not incIuding last week’s picture of the spaceship that we made in Mother and Toddler group. So here it is!

On Monday I went down my Grandma’s with my mam and dad. I saw my auntie, uncle and grandma and I helped them cut trees. I also did some maths work and a spelling test with my mam.  
 After we visited my grandma we went down my Uncle S and I did some environmental studies with him. We looked at the different stages such as Evaporation, condensation and lots more. I have homework from my uncle S which is to draw thunder and lightning and label what it is doing. We were going to go to Ogmore Beach but it was raining too heavily for my uncle to come with us; so hopefully we can go next week.
 On Tuesday I did some maths with my dad and then I had to go to the dentist to have 2 baby teeth taken out which was not fun LL. Later I did some Spanish with my auntie G which was fun.  At lunch-time I made omelettes for me, my mam and dad. I have also planned what I will do for this week’s mother and toddler group but I will tell you about that next week!
 For last week’s baby group, we made dogs out of love hearts and here are the steps to show you how to do it:
• Make templates of different sized love hearts (some large, some small) and cut them out using card and scissors
• Stick 2 little love hearts on the back of the big love heart to form the ears. (You can use glue, cellotape or pritstick)
• Colour your dog using crayons or coloured pencils
• Add a pair of googly eyes
• Add a small pompom for the nose
• Add 2 slightly larger pompoms below the nose to form the mouth
• Colour a small tongue below the mouth
It was easy to make and the children loved the idea for a valentine gift because of it’s heart shape.  
 I have also been learning to sew by hand with my Nan and I am currently learning the following stitches:
• Tack
• Running
• Chain
• Blanket
 I will be making a small purse using the different stitches and I look forward to showing you a picture when I have finished!

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