This week’s blog is full because I have been doing loads over two weeks such as St. David’s Day, experiments, cooking and more. 
During the half term, I have been busy with my nephew and I will tell you what things we have been up to. First, we used some experiments from different science kits by testing some of them out. We made a volcano and we watched it explode which was the messy bit! We also made green slime which looked like boogers eww! 
Then we made some whoopie pies with a yummy mint filling and I have taken a picture for you to see. It was loads of fun to make and it was tasty to eat. Everyone loved the whoopie pies and we loved baking them.
St. Fagans
On Monday (a week ago) Me, my nephew, sister and her boyfriend went to St. Fagans for a nice day out. We left at lunch time and in the car, we stuffed our faces with loads of sweets. When we got there, we bought a map and walked right the way around. There were loads of old buildings so we took loads of pretty photos. We ate lunch down there and we won a cuddly lion and a ghostbusters toy. That day was fun and we even had McDonalds when we got home.
Pookie my cuddly build a bear
As part of my Home Ed. I was set a few projects – mainly hosting a St. David’s Day Celebration. I have been busy making a welsh lady costume for Pookie with my mam, nan and dad’s help – this was to demonstrate my sewing. My nan helped me make a skirt from a tea towel and an apron from some old white material. My nan also helped me make the shawl from red material. My mam helped me make the hat using a pen, glue, polystyrene cup, lace and ribbon. My dad helped me super glue the hat together.

St. David’s Day
I have made loads of decorations such as paper chains which are green, red and white. A big table cloth which I worked hard on (my biggest project) which shows a map of Wales with the words to our National Anthem; Cardiff Castle; a welsh man and woman; a love spoon, a welsh harp; a stained glass window of St David along with an acrostic poem and a short story about him. The borders of the table cloth had daffodils along the 2 short sides and the words to Bread of Heaven along the 2 longer sides. This was all done with permanent marker pens. I had help from both my sisters on how to draw the castle. This showed my art, English, and geography.
I also name places for the table which were cute little dragons. I made bunting, mini people, flags and posters.  
My family and friends (who are also my teachers) came over and I had made welsh cakes, bara brith, cawl with beef or lamb (my mam and dad helped with the cawl though as there was so much to do). I also made vegan welsh cakes and vegan leek soup for auntie G – which showed off my cooking skills – and using everyone as guinea pigs for my food was part of my ‘science project’!!!! I even did a special PowerPoint presentation with music on – which shows my IT.  
There should have been 14 of us in total but my uncle S couldn’t make it as he was ill. We were all gutted about that and so was he. But he is on the mend now.


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