Back in July I set a little challenge this summer holidays I wanted to achieve things, go places, have laughs and make memories.

A few months back I didn’t know what I’d be able to do or not do, when I knew we could do anything I wanted I made my My six weeks challenge. 

I knew I wasn’t going to get everything on that list done. There wasn’t going to be enough time!

We’ve achieved about half! We did achieve a trial session of gymnastics though!

We had our first picnic whilst watching an outdoor theatre show.

We went away, we had a fun filled few days at Newcastle where we rode our bike and had our second picnic, and first boat trip!! We even met an online friend on the way home!

We met friends and went to see the animals at folly farm, ate chips and played on the beach. Didn’t quite catch sunset I don’t think.

We had a family day at West Midlands along with J,D and E which was a great day out.

We’ve been swimming and grampa even came with us. Then we joined nanny and grampa and went on another boat ride!

We done more than paddle in the sea, we crashed into those waves the whole time laughing. Again with friends!

We’ve attempted our name and Just needs that little more confidence to do it himself.

Z tried a few new foods, from a meringue to a fish finger and a banan. He may never eat them again but he tried.

We didn’t make Cardiff bay beach but that’s more my fault as I thought we had a few more days to get there. As for a train ride and a castle I still have two days left right ?!

We didn’t quite feed the ducks, we sat as watched them but didn’t feed them.

G and I managed to get a quick spot of lunch in one day whilst Z was on respite but it’s not really the same without him!

We’ve met up with friends at soft play, learnt new words and gone for many walks.

One of my fave days this time was sitting on the beach and watching the fireworks.

I think it’s safe to say we’ve had a lovely summer. It’s been nothing like last year when I couldn’t wait for summer to end and school to start. Yes at the beginning with the sleeping at 11.40 and the wake ups at 6.30 it was hard. But we’ve gotten through it. We’ve made it. We maybe ending it on antibiotics for an infected finger, but we done it. I’m so proud of Z, for taking on the six weeks of no routine, no classmates, no Teachers. But he done it.

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