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First morning off

Today starts the beginning of the Easter holidays, it’s funny as G gets two weeks off,  I get one and Z gets three. My schools are still in, my dad is doing them in the mornings I’ll do them in the afternoons. My dad is the best! 

So today’s plan was when Z would wake at 7, was coffee, maybe more coffee, breakfast and clean. Strip beds, sort all Z’s clothes away clear my landing ( it’s a tripping hazard now 😳) and put all clean clothes away. Not dumped in a basket in Z’s room! Sweep, Hoover and mop upstairs. This was to be done in time for me to shower and be at work for 3. Plans don’t always go as plan, it’s 9.30 and Z is still asleep! I’m only on my first coffee of the day, but the first load of washing is in.  As there are no playgroups I didn’t feel bad for not taking Z any place.  J is off tomorrow so we’ll head to the indoor play centre like normal. 

I know when Z wakes, I’m sure he’s stirring, it’ll be another hour before I start. Then it’ll be the whole it’s too late, when we eventually go upstairs to sort out toys I won’t be able to put them away as he’ll decide to play with them then! This could be a very long day! On the brighter side the sun is shining. 

Yes, Z is awake, not bad as he went down at 8.30 last night. So will 10 be to late to start my chores for today. I always put these things off as I’d rather spend the time taking Z to playgroups , I’m sure when he’s older and my house is nice and tidy, ( yea, right my house will never be tidy!) will he remember the mess it or the places we went?  Hope the places we went and the friends we met. 

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The toddler group day out without toddlers 

Yesterday was the day we had all been waiting for, the day that had been dotted down for weeks, 28 March. 

 We all met at spoons around one,  one drink quickly turned into two, two into three. A chicken burger to keep me going onto the jugs. By around four some of us were getting very tiddly. 

The drinking games started, the shots appeared, we were that loud group laughing in the middle of the pub. The drunker people got the louder we got. By  six o’clock we had lost two, F and T caught the bus home for their curry that their darling husbands were cooking them. The seven of us went to the next bar. 

No place to sit here we had one quick vodka and on to the next, we needed seats by this time! The next bar was quiet, and old 90’s music made us no longer need them seats it was dancing time. We bid farewell to L next and around fifteen minutes later we hug goodbye to A. They were starting to drop like flys, by eight o’clock S had danced off home with her husband. There were four of us left! 

We braced the elements and walked to the next bar, J didn’t finish her drink but was leaving, at least this time she didn’t fall. 

So there were just K, J and myself left, quick stop for some chips at the kebab shop and again walked  in the howling Wind and rain to the other end of town. Think we realised our mistake when this side was really quiet, yea, it was only nine o’clock! So , two drinks to finish off the day , taxi and home to bed. 

Just some random sayings that made us all giggle. 

  1. Wednesday comes after Sunday. L 
  2. That looks like J (as I’m coming out of the toilet and L is going in) oh it is J. L 
  3. J I’m professional. K what job do you do? J  I work in the hospital, K  * insert hospital name here* ? J yea the big one up there. (We only have one hospital nearby )
  4. Two fingers f**k I just downed half a glass of wine ! L 
  5. I’m Gavin from the blackouts auntie. S

And that is why I’m guessing L is dying today?! 

All in all had a great day, thanks for coming along and making me laugh, I haven’t laughed like that in ages. Quite pleased I don’t have a headache either. Now just for more coffee as the clocks going foreward have made me tired! 

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The day before the big day!

Tomorrow’s date has been dotted on our calendars since December, and counted down since half term. No it’s not any thing big like a wedding, it’s our day/night out. We’ve been excited for our day out like children waiting on Santa for weeks . 

It’s been I’m going to loose x amount of weight before I go, I have x amount of weeks to do it, those weeks keep passing and the scales haven’t moved! But as long as we have a nice new top that fits we’ve all gone passed the stage of caring. It’s just typical that most of us have a nice shiny spot that wants to join in on the fun. 

So, tomorrow, who’s going to cancel at last minute? Who’s going to make some excuse of babysitter left them down? To be honest I don’t care whose not there, the few of us that will be there will have a great time. A time for some adult talk over some bar meal, a pint, a glass of wine, or with a glass of vodka. Shots will come after! Will we miss our children ? Of course, but not enough to go and collect them off the babysitter! 

Today’s topic of conversation is what your wearing? What time we going? Where are we meeting? Whose going? All I know is I’ll be in spoons for 1.15 , waiting to see who shows. 

So for the ladies I know that’s going, A, J, K, L, T, J, F, S, it’s going to be a good day, evening, night . All I can say is poor town won’t know what’s hit it on what would normally be a quiet Saturday afternoon. 

So if you see a group of ladies, ( possibly a tad drunk) come and say hello, it could be us! 

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A penny for my thoughts …….

It’s Wednesday and since Monday all I’ve thought about is Z and what I’m going to do regarding his education. I had come to the conclusion that I was keeping him as he is until January. Then assess his needs again. Then if it was still no to mainstream, special education school it was. I would rather him get the help he needs than nothing. 

Today I was told I don’t have to worry as there is funding to cover children like Z who are kinda in limbo until the new term starts. So he can continue the way we are. Huge relief. I now get to wait to see how he is in a year. 

This came after him sort of being turned away from the dentist. He had an appointment at 10.00, ok, I thought it was 10.10, we were there at 10.04. To be told we were late and he wouldn’t be seen as the next patient had already been called. We have to arrive 10 minutes before. Z isn’t the type of child who will sit still for those 10 minutes never mind extra if they run late. But, what 2 year old would wait. This really annoyed me and I most probably could have gone into a huge rant about this as a separate post. When your dealing with children things don’t always go to plan, dirty bum as your just leaving the house or screaming for that special something. Yes I’ve taken him out of that dentist. 

So after the day of ups and downs, I would like to thank my mates, yes , I have many mates some this don’t regard. Some I’ve not mentioned it to. Some say he’s not that bad *insert school name here* , oh I couldn’t. Some say look at it as a private education you don’t have to pay for, and some say he’s Z he’ll always be Z and we’ll always love him as Z. 

 You really do learn who your friends are when you have kids! 

But what put a smile on my face tonight was Z popping bubbles with his pointy finger! 



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One of the hardest choices of my life. 

I thought what should I order at the bar was a difficult choice, what when your young and out drinking it’s a hard decision to make, sambucca or the cheap nasty shot! Then it turns into should we start trying for a family. When that answer was yes, it got harder with do we attempt Ivf or go straight to Icsi, at least that one kinda got taken over by the doctors final say. Baby comes along and its do I breast feed or bottle feed. There’s many more choices I’ve made or we as a family has made. The next big what should we do, is when at 1, Z wasn’t saying anything, lack of eye contact, no pointing and liked two of the same things. Do we wait this out or get help? Early intervention is the best way they say. So help it was. 

After meeting with the new health visitor, it was obvious Z needed the extra help in social and language development. So hearing tests, antibiotics for three months, for constant ear infections,  working with the health visitor, the community speech therapist, the speech therapy team at hospital , one to one at crèche and a portage worker, is now the biggest choice we’ve had to make. What school do we send Z too? 

Yes, I understand he’s not three until October, what he can do then is anybody’s guess. But we have to prepare now. Do we start him off in mainstream school with the help of a one to one. Do we apply for a specialist unit that works alongside mainstream school, or straight to a special educational needs school? 

Will his language come? He uses pecs well at crèche, but could this be a viable way through mainstream school? Would seeing all his little buddies talk and ask for what they want help him do the same thing? Or would it be better for him to see other children communicate with the use of cards? 

Do I give him the chance to give mainstream school ago at three, see how he gets on and go from there? Do I leave it till the term after and continue working with the portage worker for another three months, then every thing stops. Maybe he could go to school after Easter. Or we keep him home until he’s just turning four. Then it all starts again. Do I start him at three, if it don’t work take him out and hope there’s a place available at a unit? 

I understand it’s what’s in Z’s best interests, his needs come first and always will. But as a parent it’s hard. I’m sure I’ll be faced with many more hard decisions but to date this is my hardest. 

Maybe I’ll just have a go at homeschooling, how hard can that be? 

I know deep down that I can’t decide anything until he’s been assessed in May, and maybe I won’t get any answers then, it’s all a waiting game. 

The only thing I know for certain is when the time comes I think the choice I make will be the best choice for Z at that time. 

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A sunny Sunday afternoon 

The sun is shining so it’s time to get out as a family, pooches included. Since Z has learned that the pooches eat whatever he gives them, they are overweight. We found this out at the last vets appointment! So hubby, Z and I with said overweight pooches hit the Taff trail.  


An hour and half of walking later,about 2.5 miles, I have two tired pooches and an energetic toddler, who somehow haven’t had his nap today. I’d like to think that means he’ll be tucked up in bed by 7, and I’ll get chance to catch up with what’s building up on my planner. But I know that’s not going to happen as its Sunday night, before I get to relax all the cleaning has to be done, clothes put away and floors mopped. I say every week I’ll start it earlier and every week it doesn’t happen! Today will be the day cleaning will be done and I can sit with my coffee, galaxy and greys anatomy !  

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Is it bed time yet ?! 

I understand it’s not 8 yet on a Saturday night, after one of the biggest six nations finals, but as a parent these things are no longer a sit at the pub all day event. Do I miss it ? In all honesty I think I miss the thought of it more. The husband and I sat at home watching the Welsh game whilst Z had his nap, then Z and myself met J and E for a spot of lunch. 

An all you can eat Chinese. As the parent of a fussy child, he snacked on prawn crackers, more prawn crackers and some prawn toast. Not even a chip passed those lips. Yet, E, being a good eater tasted every thing  put in front of her! Time for desert, jelly and chocolate cake. Now jelly is more fun to play with than eat. In my own home Z can ‘play’ with his food all he wants as I know some of that food he will actually taste. In a restaurant this isn’t quite the way. Mix that with the chocolate cake and we have quite the mess! So try and clear the mess as much as I can pick up the biggest bits of food off the floor, pay and away we go! 

What better way to burn those calories off than a little stroll in the nice spring sunshine. Two toddlers running and two stuffed parents pushing the empty buggies. For the first time Z actually started taking notice of what he was walking on and collected some sticks. Two of the said sticks joined us on our walk, they got dragged and banged on the floor, and cwtched up when he was back in the buggy! 

Home time and it’s mass destruction before bed! Night mam I’ll leave you with a lovely mess to clean up! 

What am I doing ? Sitting here tapping away on the iPad looking at the said mess and thinking could I really go to bed before 8 on a Saturday night? 

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Let’s give this a shot…..

So, lately I’ve been thinking I may give this blogging a go. I have no idea how I should do it and which direction I should go. During my Ivf journey I put everything down the good old fashioned way, pen to paper! So,  do I introduce myself ? Do I not? I don’t think I want to give out my full name address etc! So Let’s just call me J, I’m in my very early 30s, married to my husband G and we have an amazing little boy who  Z, and we all live with our two pooches in the South Wales valleys! 

I think most of what I’ll end up saying will be about Z, what we get up to and what not! 

When I go places I tend to go with my mates mainly J who , sounds so sad for a woman in her thirties to say, is  my new best friend and her daughter E. I’m sure they’ll be mentioned more than once too! 

Well, this is harder than I thought as it’s taken me a few hours to come this far, but, I’ve started in between work and a Friday night drink at J’s, yup, that’s kinda a new tradition for me, Friday night is known as vodka night. Where two mates come together to sit and have a few vodkas and diet cokes, most people would assume sit and talk about men and sex, us, we actually sit and play a board game! We have so much fun! 

As introductions go this wasn’t the best one was it? I’m sure I’ll come back again soon and share more about me, now I have to go and clean the mass distraction Z has created in three short hours before the rugby kicks off. Yes I love the rugby. Come on Wales !