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The end of the working week, also know as vodka Friday!

Friday, and the end to the working week for most of us, most of the time. Today is also the end of the Easter holidays, Monday is the start of a normal week, and I’m happy about that. I really am. Since working yesterday I feel I’m back to normal already, yes, when my alarm goes off in the mornings it’s a awww really, but up and out is better.

Schools and portage Monday, yea, back to normal! How sad am I to be excited of this!!

Back to today, Friday, we’ve kinda had a bit of a lazy day. Sometimes after being out all week these are needed. After work I took Z shopping stopped off at the cafe for a plate of chips, for him not me, ok, we shared them and coffee for me,  J spotted me and I went shopping with her, alcohol aisle and we look at one another, vodka night is on. So I’m sat here in my pjs, waiting to go to J’s. It’s the little things in life.

So what ever you are all doing on this fine Friday, have fun! If vodka and friends  are included in sure you will do.


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