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50 things that make me happy.

So I’ve been asked to write about my 50 things that make me happy. By Sarah who blogs at

(Please let that link work…)

So I have a few minutes before work, let’s give it a shot. I’ll number these bad boys to know where I am!

  1. My family, yes, my family makes me happy. My husband and son, my parents, sister and grandparents.
  2. My pooches, yes, they do make me happy most of the time!
  3. My friends. Yes, I have the best friends.
  4. My jobs, they make me happy so that I can afford to buy what I want, most of the time!
  5. The outdoors.,
  6. When my son does something that I’m not expecting, so a simple instruction he follows I’m super happy!
  7. Watching greys anatomy.
  8.  Vodka.
  9. A day out with my mates.
  10. Chatting to people.
  11. Driving the bus.
  12. My iPhone.
  13. My iPad!
  14. My car, without my car I wouldn’t be able to go anywhere.
  15. Taking Z to the park.
  16. Well taking Z anywhere.
  17. Netflix
  18. Books, I love reading, anything.
  19. The summer.
  20. The snow.
  21. Snowboarding.
  22. The beach. ( maybe I’ll hate it when Z is covered in sand!)
  23. Swimming. Alone or with Z.
  24. Shopping.
  25. Buying things for Z.
  26. Walking.
  27. Going for a meal.
  28. The smile Z gives me when he just looks at me.
  29. A bargain.
  30. My pjs.
  31. A family BBQ
  32. The views where I live.
  33. Food.
  34. A tidy house.
  35. Ice cream.
  36. Chinese food.
  37. Chocolate.
  38. Crisps.
  39. Music.
  40. Twitter, and finding new friends!
  41. The red in my hair.
  42. When Z tries something new food wise.
  43. When Z copies something for the first time.
  44. A phone call with a mate you’ve not seen in a while.
  45. Holidays.
  46. A smile from a stranger, there are still nice people in this world.
  47. People who are in my life, who I  don’t see everyday.
  48. An afternoon out, sat in a beer garden in the sun.
  49. Watching the stars at night.
  50. And last but not least…. Me! I make myself happy! Someone has to right?!

Now I’m going to tag….

What 50 things make you happy?


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