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Why was I so nervous?

Nervous, no I was terrified! Why was I so scared? Come on I’m a big girl, it’s not as if I was going on a plane to a different country, I was going to a coffee morning, with parents. If I wasn’t a parent maybe that would have been the scary part!

I took Z with me, was I using my little 2.5 year old as backup? Possibly! No I don’t think I was really. I was scared, and like I had said I’ve seen playgroups, parents who take their children to playgroups are scary. Am I good enough to talk to you? The group who just tut at everything or the group that sit and pass judgement about Z climbing, or the child for taking a toy. Yes, carry on coz it could be your child one day.

Today was different, and I really glad I went. I’ve heard a parents side, well, a few, on what it’s like with a child or children with additional needs, with autism and with adhd. Does it scare me? Of course it does, I don’t think I’d be a human never mind a mother if it didn’t. Z seemed to have enjoyed himself and even ate cake, Z don’t eat cake! They were all a lovely bunch of people, made me feel welcome, answered any questions I had and made me feel like I can do this. I can give Z the best, which ever way I go, I’m sure Z and I will be fine.

So I’d like to say a thanks for letting me join your group, maybe one day one of you may read this, and I’ll be one of the ladies sitting at your side explaining how worried I was on my first time going to a group!


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