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A little pointless post…

It’s already 9 pm on Wednesday, maybe as its light outside it don’t feel late? My eyes tell me it’s late, or rather it’s bed time! Don’t have to be late for bed! As soon as Z goes I go, tonight tho he don’t want to sleep, 40 minutes of muttering, not crying, just moaning. If he could talk it would be, I don’t want to go to bed! I’d rather him go to sleep, so I can go to sleep as the longer I’m sitting here the more milky stars I’m consuming! Yes, I know my diet and it’s gone 9pm.

Not sure where I’m going with this post tonight, if Z starts screaming crying, no where !

Today we went back to coffee morning, Z was good, I learnt a few new things, things I’ll have to note down for future reference! So as I’m chatting to the playgroup girls they suggested to give something back and do a little sponsored walk. That got me thinking of maybe getting the children to do a sponsored walk, they’ll walk 2-3 miles. Before I decided I txt and asked how many woudnt actually do it, and they all said yes. J and E are away so they can’t make it, but there’s many more years of getting pennies from J so she’s not escaped it! 20th June, it will be Z’s official sponsor me walk. I’m looking forward to it, through the Tafftrail, stop for a picnic, few pics then head down to town. Should be a good day.

Tomorrow is Thursday, should be swimming day, I’ll see how Z is, may even just go for a coffee.  Okay, so Z is actually screaming now, or screeching one of the two, so I’ll have to say bye and goodnight!


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