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Gold or silver ?

 Make new friends but keep the old those are silver these are gold 


Sunday, started off with J’s party, after Z’s crazy animal side on Friday, I was a little worried. But there wasn’t anything to be worried about as he was good!

Home and nap time, I caught up with drop dead diva ( I do like that!). Then as Z had a late nap, I had to take him out to get some exercise! J and E came too. Z wasn’t a happy bunny at the park. Not sure why and hope he’s not coming down with anything, he has his doctors appointment on Thursday! He seems ok now we’re home. All ready for bed. It was the first time for me to see the bench at the park. I did try and get a pic of Z and E on the bench but it’s not the best. Can’t  get two toddlers on a bench for a picture.

So if I’ve known J for a year or there abouts, does that make her a gold or silver?



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