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Party for a two year old.

It’s nearly 4pm and I wish it was bed time! Yesterday has wiped me out, I started at 3 and got home at 1, at around 10pm last night I had clocked up an impressive six miles of walking. I done my first official duty last night in moving a young girl with autism to better seats, if that had happened a few months ago maybe I wouldn’t have seen how important moving her would have been. I hope she enjoyed where she got put and enjoyed the rest of the concert.

Today my legs are aching and my eyes are stinging!

Z went to a little party today, my best mates little boy turned two. He’s been to the house a few times, but not when there’s been people there, to start off it took him a while to come around but then he was just taking advantage of the grass and ran, ran and ran, he loved it. When a neighbour Started to mow the lawn, it was time to go, Z suddenly started to spend more time at the gate, he had done very well, a place with lots of new people. I’m so proud, if he can continue like this I’m sure he’ll be ok.


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