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Vodka Friday! 

After a bad start to today, after only being awake what 5 minutes, Woke to a missed call and two texts, I acted a spoilt brat threw my dummy out of my very big pram, stamped my feet and didn’t make Margam Park, that being said the girls didn’t either as I’m the only one who knows the way, so sorry girls, but I’ll make it up to you. Thursday 20th August where are we off? 

 As it’s Friday, Z has gone on his sleepover at nans house, in his new bed, ( sure it’s the first night tonight….) wonder how he’ll get on! 

 I’ve came up to J’s for my glass or two of vodka, can’t have too much as have a first birthday party first and then a little tea party. 

 As I’ve not got my child with me, and E made me laugh by insisting she was walking around in wellies on the only day of pure sunshine we’ve had I’ll share her pic!  



 And just because she has to wear my shoes!   ( may need a wash…)  typical girl already. 

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Family day. 

With us already being at the end of week two of the six weeks holiday, we had said we were taking Z to Folly Farm this week. I have work the next two weeks and G the two weeks after that. So even though we went last week with playgroup it was time to go back as a family.

 First stop whilst there was the goat as that and the penguin were Z’s favourites last week. Yup still his fave! His little face lighting up with the goat as if to say ah wow your still here! Priceless, as for the Penguins he wanted to see them even if it meant getting as close to a random as he could! 

G enjoyed the giraffes! I’m sure this guy kept staring right at him! 

Z had a sleep, G and I walked around and looked at the animals, went and had a coffee, he stuffed his little fat face, had an ice cream and then Z decided to wake! As he’s not to bothered with the animals anyway we let him play in the park. He couldn’t do this last week as it was too wet, so he stayed and ran and climbed for ages.

When we got home our ball pit had arrived for Z’s sensory room, I’m quite excited that it’s starting to come together. At first I was a bit disappointed the size on it, but it means I can keep his car in there and not have to worry about where it goes! Z loved it, and for the quick ten minutes before bed that he was allowed in it he laughed and giggled. So if he’s happy I’m happy.

Used his old floor tiles to get an idea of how it would look, it looked ok so went ahead and ordered some more. It will be done for his birthday! As I add extra bits and it takes more shape I’ll keep adding pictures. 

 Well as its been such a busy day after a late night last night, I’m off to bed, ready for a day at Margam park with the play group girls! Actually looking forward to it. Lots of walking and more animals, parks to play in and trees to climb! How exciting. 💜


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A good day! 

My day today started with being woken by some guy cutting grass at 8.10, really 8.10? As it was it only woke me, so I enjoyed wheat free crumpets and coffee all alone! 

 Tried to dry my clothes and my heating refused to work, so had to get a guy to come fix it, my house is boiling again!! 

 My mate came up was originally going to be for a bbq but with this weather and not knowing if it was going to be dry, we went for ordering food instead. Then on to good old monopoly.


Board one!
This wasn’t a bad game, a quick and easy game once you knew what you were doing. 


Board two….
This one was a bit more like the original monopoly but without cash, was all cards! Random, but a laugh. No I didn’t win 😦 

Who doesn’t love a game of monopoly?! Bringing those family and friends together without arguments and name calling. Haha yea right, I’m hoping Z don’t repeat anything that LJ actually said tonight! He shouldn’t as he was tucked up fast asleep by 8. Not sure what’s up with his sleeping past few nights he’s been up at one, and three. 

 Z was good, we played outside when the sun peeked out, but spent most of the day indoors. We’re still waiting on the sun to come out to play too. 

 Well my guests have gone and I’m off to bed, goodnight! 

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It’s starting to take some sort of shape, well on paper…

A few weeks back I decided to turn the playroom aka the dumping ground room into a sensory room for Z, this is going to be a joint birthday and Christmas gift. Yes I’ll most prob get him something small at Christmas but not a lot. I started to de clutter my room a few weeks back, last week I felt like Santa Claus giving away toys, but I’m too lazy to stand at a boot sale and sell them, so if other children will play with them I would rather that than collect dust in my so called playroom, dumping ground, death trap! Anyhow, today I ordered his ball pit, I’m so excited as its 3ft by 4ft so should do him for a good few years. He likes to lay in the balls and put them over him.  

Yes, I’ve added a watermark to my pic!

He’s seeking pressure from it, so thought If I got a bigger one he can lay in it. 

The next thing I have to get is the mats to go on the floor, then I want some mirrors on the wall. How was this in any way a non stressful idea? It will all be worth it, or so I keep telling myself. If I can get the ball pit, and hundreds off balls, ( all ball pit ball donations welcome!) mirrors up and mats down by his birthday I will be happy, by Christmas I want a few lights up, and a blind on the window. 

  Apart from a bit of measuring, room cleaning and online shopping I’ve not really done much today. Z went to the indoor play centre today, then had a sleep, first nap in about a week, then we went to play at E’s, came home and done nothing! Z did some jigsaws, emptied some toy bears all over the floor, and let the dogs in and out, coz that’s a fun new game. Then he took himself up to what I thought was bed, after his toast and milk. But nope he was sitting on the bed next to dad playing his iPad, whilst dad was playing his Xbox! 

At least he’s actually ordering and sorting……Dads just shooting and shouting! But sssshhh!   


Tomorrow I have my mate coming up for a few drinks, some food a chat and quite possibly a game of ….. Monopoly! They are the only ones that will play with me, no one else will, I don’t think I’m even that bad, I just like to abide by the rules and no you can’t quit you have to go bankrupt. 

Heehee        * evil little laugh*

 On that evil little laugh I’m going to wish you all good night, as I have a busy day ahead tomorrow of bankrupting lots of people……

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The start of another week. 

To say this morning didn’t get off to a good start would infact be an understatement. As it’s Monday S portage comes. Today the poor woman deserved a gold star! If it was a Friday afternoon maybe a glass of wine, but as its 10.00 on a Monday morning a gold sticker will have to do. Unlucky! 

 Nah, Z was a nightmare. I don’t think he’s ever been that bad for S. She even used the phrase, ‘abandoned task’. I did say he was bad. Normally, he may put up a bit of a fight, but will finish off the task at hand, even with help, today not even help was doing it. The table nearly went over more than once. I thought he was going to attack and bite, my heart was in my mouth. I wouldn’t have known what he could have done the temper on him. I mean temper. She continued her job mind, ( I think I would have given up!) and got him back to it, stacking. When it was time to go, he closed the door, then ran in the room, looked behind him seen she wasn’t there and started screaming again! Ran back to the front door opened it, like he would for the dogs! I said no she’s gone now, closed the door and let him scream it out, and I mean scream. Doing the whole worm on the floor, he done this for around ten minutes. Not even sure how or what stopped him! 

He’s been quiet for the rest of the day, gone back to watching  monkeys jumping on the bed over and over again. So think an early night for him tonight after a bath. Bath, clean bed and nice fresh pjs, lush! 

Then go to play with E tomorrow!  

like butter wouldnt melt…
just because this t-shirt says it all ( did want his shoes!)
Yes, his new shoes arrived, they fit he’s worn them so all good!! 

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Sunny Saturday. Party and a trip to the Bay.

Folly farm yesterday Cardiff Bay today!! 

 Z had a party first, we went there he seemed to enjoy himself, I didn’t let him go in the water as thought outside it may be a little cold. Driving home decided lets go see the new beach in Cardiff bay! Stopped off at toys r us first as well if your in Cardiff it would be rude not too! Got Z some new Lego, in a plastic box now it’s all safe! 

 Over to the Bay for food. Z wasn’t impressed so we choose to sit outdoors, it was very busy, close to the water, so lots of new sounds. He say there in his pram and ate his crisps, yes , we had a few looks, as after the crisps he wanted his lolly! But while we were eating he was fab! 


We looked at the boats or people, or maybe it was just the water…..! 

We visited the beach, he loved the sand, I didn’t realise there was a fair and a pool too, next time I think I’ll take his swimming stuff he would Have loved the water.

We stopped off at the amusement part before we went back to the carpark, he had to get out of the pram, he ran and ran! Huge grin on his face, all those machines flashing different colours. I did try winning him one of those minions from the grabbers, but I’m rubbish at them and lost! 

 Heading home and I took the wrong turn, ended up finding Roath park, bet if I looked for it next time I wouldn’t find it! 

 But we’re home all safe, and ready for bed. Well I’m ready for bed. Z is running around. All ready now for the pool party tomorrow. He has one busy diary. 

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Day out at folly farm! 

Folly Farm day. Woke up to rain! Even though I had been to folly farm once before wasn’t really looking forward to it in the rain. Yes, many people online have said it was fine in the rain, well I was going to find out! 

 I was glad I went, and if it’s nice next week think we’ll go back as a family! 


Breakfast on the go

First things first….. Puddle jumping. He knew he had to have his wear out of those wellies 😉

He loved the puddles, if he could have played in those puddles all day, he would have been just as happy! 


let’s just check the temp on this puddle…..

To be fair I think he was more interested in that big lake! Oh water! 

My favourite part was the giraffe and the Penguins. To be fair I think Z’s favourite part was the Penguins too. 

I think he could have watched those Penguins all day! 

Out of all the animals the only one he actually noticed and tried to touch was the goat! 

I love the way he’s actually smiling at the goat! He also knew he had to wash his hands after. Okay, he found the water! But we’ll say he knew he had to wash his hands! 

 In this area he just had more fun playing on the tractors, climbing and running, shame he couldn’t really play in the park areas today, if he hadn’t fallen asleep at the end I would have let him get wet and messy and clean clothes home! 

  Couldn’t really get any of him on the ride! He was ok on them, wasn’t too bothered, but at this point he was tired ! 
So the rain didn’t stop us having fun!  

Bye Bye folly farm! See you soon!

I’m really impressed how well Z actually done, a whole new place, with new sounds, smells and the bus ride! But he done so good, I can’t wait to take him back again!! 


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A long day! 

It’s not far off 11pm and now I’m stopping for the day!  8pm alarm wakes me ready to take Z swimming, he loves swimming, so, as we normally go after work on a Thursday morning we were getting up to go, only J and E made it today! Fruit shoot and toast afterwards, and a little fun play! 


Giving him kisses!
Then he went to spend time at nans as he’s not seen her in a few days, I came home and showered after swimming! 


I had a letter, regarding Z’s schooling. The simplest of letters going, with only three questions to answer, I got the first question being my name, the second, has to be my name, the third…. Ummmm! First person to ask would be N, poor N gets some really random texts off me, this one goes somewhat,  what does a named person mean, when statements get done, if I don’t provide one LA do?! N ummm nope! Not a clue was much different when I done it. Fair enough. Next person was S portage, in all fairness she kinda has same txt off me. ( at least with N I can send the pic of the said letter!) S without seeing it, I couldn’t give an answer, again fair enough! So third person to try, the person who sent it! 

I don’t even have to put in a name! I can put any professional who is involved with Z’s care, as a back up kinda thing, ( well I’m assuming that’s what the lady meant!) Phew! Panicking for nothing then, did tell me there’ll be many more letters through the post. I look forward to them….. 

A quick shower, later and shopping, a happy meal for nan and Z, and a quick visit to E, home, some tea for me, pack some stuff for folly farm tomorrow, and we’re back out for the indoor play session with NAS M, Z loves this. He runs around for the two hours, makes people clap for him and runs around again! 

   He does take a minute to re-charge…… !! 

Home and in bed for 9. 

 That’s when I look at weather for tomorrow, rain, oh and more rain. So hunts for Z’s wellies, to find out they are a size to small. At 10pm I wanted nothing more than to go to bed, but rain means he needs wellies, a quick stop to tesco, all wellies reduced in price, from £3.50. Fab! Ok not Z’s size, the only size I could find for him were minion ones, ok he likes minions, these how ever were not in the sale, the only wellies that were full price. So if he don’t wear them tomorrow they are going back! Now it’s bed time, everything is packed, things on charge, food done, drinks ready, clothes ready, spare clothes packed, all I need to do when I get up, is get his other welly sock from his room, and get dressed. I think I’m organised but there is bound to be something I’ve forgotten to do, I know I’ve not packed suncream, and I’m not planning on packing it! It can rain all day so he can wear his wellies! 

 I’m off to my nice comfy bed, for hopefully a nice long sleep! I hope to have lots of fun at folly farm even in the rain! 

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Mid week! 

Sitting here looking at the mess of my room when it was all clean and tidy less than 24 hours ago! How does one child make so much mess? 

   We’ve not really done much today, Z had kids fit where he runs, and climbs and runs some more! Stops for a drink and runs some more! 

For tea he has pizza, if he’ll eat it it, so while that’s cooking he’s spelling! He may eat pizza whilst watching Henry. Yes, I know kids fit and pizza for tea, I’m sure he’s burned off a full pizza the running he done! 

Tomorrow it’s swimming time, if we can keep some things the same I’m sure we’ll be ok. 

Friday were off to Folly Farm, I’m looking forward to it, I will be making sure his IPad is fully charged Thursday night and my battery pack is also fully charged!! I’m hoping he’ll take a little bit of notice of the animals, if he don’t were stuck on the play equipment and if it’s raining the indoor part, best take loads of money to keep me in coffee….. 

 Waiting for our summer to start when the sun actually shines. I know I’ve said if it is wet I’ll do more to what will become his sensory room but I also want sun too! 

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Shoes and chips and an angry upset mam! 

Day two of the six weeks holidays and I’m starting to think I’m not going to get through them! 

 Starts off with not being able to get shoes for Z as he’s a size 8 in one foot and 8.5 in another, well so says some young girl who was rushing, so need a second option ! A size 9 is huge on him, but 8 too small. I keep him in nike trainers as they seem the widest out there. I have to say I don’t like the style of shoes in the shop that measures kids feet! His Nike shoes say 8.5 so I was really confused as to why 9’s were huge. But nope 8.5 are actually 8’s! So he would need a 8.5 to fit him but they don’t do half sizes?? So we ended up not buying any!

 Next go get some chips for diner, if you explain to the one lady that your child won’t eat the sausage roll warmed or touching gravy she wraps the sausage roll up separate for him, I never get a problem, so today G goes in the same shop, came out and said they won’t do it. Umm yea they will, so him just accepts it, and they put paper over the chips and gravy, so the sausage roll don’t touch it. Gets home and it’s world war three, he knows he won’t eat the sausage roll coz its warmed up and not crunchy, he also knows he won’t eat chips with gravy on. Why not tell them, oh coz I was sort of embarrassed there were people behind me and I didn’t want to mention autism. So there I have it, he can’t fully have accepted it, I can’t fight the world for Z alone. I’m already sick of fighting and I’ve not even started yet I don’t think.  I’m not sure who I’m more angry with, the tears are from anger, is it the fish shop or with G for not standing up for his son? Maybe both?  

 If I knew just putting Z in the car and driving somewhere wouldn’t backfire on me tonight with sleep I would go, hey, I may even get him shoes! 

 So what does an angry upset mam now do?