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The last day

July 17th has finally arrived, always the excitement of last day of work, the sad part of loosing some kids you’ve seen for the last x amount of years, some since they were 3! It’s also Z’s last day of crèche for the next 6 weeks think I’ll pay to put him in at least once a week for the last 2 weeks so he’ll remember!!

 Holidays, what to do and where to go. I know it’s going to take Z around 2 weeks to get in to a new routine, a fully change of routine, no playgroups, no coffee mornings, nothing. Hopefully portage continues on a Monday morning, soft play on a Tuesday and swimming on a Thursday. If I can keep those up and it’s not to busy at each place I’m sure we’ll get through the next 6 weeks. 

 Think as a family we can do a few day trips here and there, if the sun decides to shine Z will be happy just spending the time in the garden in the pool. So will I! 

 On a Sunday he has pool parties thanks to Nas M so at least he has something to look forward too,  he has his next doctors appointment, and his dad and I need to work on a sensory room! Maybe the rain should stay so things will get done! 

 So as it’s Friday it’s also known as vodka Friday, ( tonight we will give the wine ago, wish me luck!) I’m off up to J’s for a little drink! 


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