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The start of another week. 

To say this morning didn’t get off to a good start would infact be an understatement. As it’s Monday S portage comes. Today the poor woman deserved a gold star! If it was a Friday afternoon maybe a glass of wine, but as its 10.00 on a Monday morning a gold sticker will have to do. Unlucky! 

 Nah, Z was a nightmare. I don’t think he’s ever been that bad for S. She even used the phrase, ‘abandoned task’. I did say he was bad. Normally, he may put up a bit of a fight, but will finish off the task at hand, even with help, today not even help was doing it. The table nearly went over more than once. I thought he was going to attack and bite, my heart was in my mouth. I wouldn’t have known what he could have done the temper on him. I mean temper. She continued her job mind, ( I think I would have given up!) and got him back to it, stacking. When it was time to go, he closed the door, then ran in the room, looked behind him seen she wasn’t there and started screaming again! Ran back to the front door opened it, like he would for the dogs! I said no she’s gone now, closed the door and let him scream it out, and I mean scream. Doing the whole worm on the floor, he done this for around ten minutes. Not even sure how or what stopped him! 

He’s been quiet for the rest of the day, gone back to watching  monkeys jumping on the bed over and over again. So think an early night for him tonight after a bath. Bath, clean bed and nice fresh pjs, lush! 

Then go to play with E tomorrow!  

like butter wouldnt melt…
just because this t-shirt says it all ( did want his shoes!)
Yes, his new shoes arrived, they fit he’s worn them so all good!! 


first time mother, first time blogger

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