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A good day! 

My day today started with being woken by some guy cutting grass at 8.10, really 8.10? As it was it only woke me, so I enjoyed wheat free crumpets and coffee all alone! 

 Tried to dry my clothes and my heating refused to work, so had to get a guy to come fix it, my house is boiling again!! 

 My mate came up was originally going to be for a bbq but with this weather and not knowing if it was going to be dry, we went for ordering food instead. Then on to good old monopoly.


Board one!
This wasn’t a bad game, a quick and easy game once you knew what you were doing. 


Board two….
This one was a bit more like the original monopoly but without cash, was all cards! Random, but a laugh. No I didn’t win 😦 

Who doesn’t love a game of monopoly?! Bringing those family and friends together without arguments and name calling. Haha yea right, I’m hoping Z don’t repeat anything that LJ actually said tonight! He shouldn’t as he was tucked up fast asleep by 8. Not sure what’s up with his sleeping past few nights he’s been up at one, and three. 

 Z was good, we played outside when the sun peeked out, but spent most of the day indoors. We’re still waiting on the sun to come out to play too. 

 Well my guests have gone and I’m off to bed, goodnight! 


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