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Sunny Saturday 

Not been a bad week as in it could have been a lot worse I suppose! 

Ended up taking Z back to the dentist as his lip was all swollen, they put him on antibiotics till he sees the next dentist on Tuesday. 

On Thursday Z went to play at nans while I went to get my tattoo covered with a new tattoo and Z’s name. Finally, he’s only nearly 3! 

Friday, we were going to go out for the day for our wedding anniversary, but in the morning Z ran into the door he was trying to close and bumped his head. 

So we decided to walk around the lake, feed the ducks, look around the fair and go for some lunch. 

He actually not only noticed the ducks, smiled at them, but dropped pellets to them, the pigeons came along and he knew that the food was for the ducks, so tried kicking the pigeons out of the way. It’s all progress! Before he wouldn’t have noticed the pigeons never mind the ducks. 

He was well behaved to have food, he didn’t eat anything, came out, got in car he seen  McDonald’s and starts clapping, so he ended up having fishfinger happy meal again. But he ate it all. At least he’s eating something. 

As a spur of the moment I walked to see J. Wasn’t having vodka Friday this week as I didn’t know where I was going to be. But with the rest of the vodka there from last week would have been rude not to have a glass or two! Unplanned nights are always the best ones. 

Now for today, going to meet the girls and go run around the park. Make the most of a dry day. 

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Weight loss

Last week I was told one of my best mates is due to get married next year, looking at around May time, she wants me to be bridesmaid, me in a dress, the first and last dress I wore was on my wedding day, and that was a maxi dress from tesco! So the decision to loose this weight was made for me. I was going well last year, well, up until May this year, then from May to August, with the not knowing with Z, poor weather outside and being lazy ( can I just blame the stress?!) I put on the 7lb or more I had worked hard to loose. 

Now is time. I will store all my food eaten in my fitness pal, as that worked well for me last time. I will up my steps with my fit bit to get eight thousand steps in a day, and I want to ride my bike for five minutes a day for the first week. I know five minutes isn’t to long but five minutes is better than not riding it at all. I am then joining Zumba, hopefully I can do that twice a week. 

I’m hoping that I’ll walk to J’s for vodka Friday, oh I didn’t say I’d stop the vodka Friday I’ll just walk up in order for me to have the spare calories! Middle of September I would like to walk up pen y fan again, I will time this and give my self six months and do it again. I have to complete my previous time then. Hopefully I’ll be a stone lighter and a little fitter! 

I started with noting my weight down yesterday, but for my blog journey I will keep it for a Tuesday. So here it goes, I can do this, I have to tell myself I can do it. I need to do it. ( always said I never wanted to be the fat mam at sports days who couldn’t join in the parents race! So with Z possibly being at school for the summer I need to be able to run more than two seconds without thinking I’m going pass out). 

 So here it goes! Wish me luck as I may need all the luck in the world!! 

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Portage, speech and dentist! 

Yes, today we didn’t get the 3am wake up, or the 6am, 7.15 I’m happy with that. I do think that the last week of late nights early mornings really knocked him for six. I can’t really whinge either though as he’s been really good. 

Being Monday, it starts off with portage. I have to say he done fab. Was really good. Part of me thinks he’s hit another mental leap in development, this time his understanding has come on. Same as when the leap came and he crawled, then another leap and walked, this one hopefully will bring with it awareness and speech. Ok, words! He done everything that was asked of him today, touched each card, even if it was with his head, he touched, wasn’t asked to touch with his hand so touch is touch. He fed a doll, now I honestly didn’t think he was capable of anything like that so I was shocked. 

Next up was speech therapy. Now Z knows he’s expected to use the card to get what he wants. When he gets started he’s ok, won’t really use them at home, he’s been doing it with his ducks but with a near unlimited supply he don’t get so bored. Uses them well to get a drink at Creche so we know he’s capable. It’s just getting the hang of it everywhere. Hopefully when he starts school he’ll get it. 


Trying to carry his bag with all his ducks into speech.
After speech, it was home for a quick nappy change and a packet of quavers, his choice, before the dentist. 

 The dentist. This was a new dentist after they wouldn’t see him for being late, then didn’t referee him. Glad I rang for an appointment myself. He didn’t sit and let them look at his teeth, not that I expected him too. Waiting in the waiting room of he wasn’t running, banging the radiator or trying to climb the seats he wasn’t too bad. After seeing the dentist, I had to sign forms so that next Tuesday, they can remove his two front teeth. Yes, knock him out and take out his teeth. My little guy with no front teeth. I can’t remember him having no front teeth. His came through at 6 months. Some people including J have never seen him without teeth. Going to be so strange. 

This radiator is as good as any to play as a drum at the dentist!

So finally after yet another busy day, it was time to chill with pizza and the minions before bed. 


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Pizza with friends.

Another early morning for us today, Z thought that 3am was a fun time to get up. He finally went back at 4.20 but was up for the day at 5.55. Yes my poor eyes are stinging!! 

I made him have a nap today, he finally gave in around 1, I woke him at 3.30 and he didn’t want to be woken. Unlucky fella, I didn’t want to be awake at 3 or 6 this morning. 

We didn’t do much, G and myself finished off banshee then met Lj and S in Pizza Hut. Z likes it here so it’s kind of a place we know he’ll eat food at, and the mood he was in before we went was questionable to what he would have been like. But, he was good. We used to go out quite often before Z was born, we have gone out a few times since Things are just that little bit more child led now. But it’s good so I’m sure they don’t mind! 

Home and pjs on for bed, no fighting us. He’s currently there, I’m sure sounding out a b, whilst I right this, eyes half closed laying in bed! 

 Tonight tho was my last meal out, told I may have a wedding to go to in May, so I have ten months to loose this weight. Nothing like a bit of motivation. Monday look out!! Think I’ll be dedicating one post a week on weight loss and exercise, that way I know there’s at least one person reading a post so I’ll have to report a loss. Wish me luck! Now I’m off to bed. 

 Good night!! 

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Vodka Friday without the vodka. 

What a lazy day we’ve had. 

Up with the birds this morning, 5.45, yes the middle of the night! We got up, I’d breakfast, watched TV, even painted and bathed by 9.30.  

He loves to paint, the paper, the table and even the floor. 

 After Z had had his nap, yup I think it was needed today, being a Friday its happy meal time. Nan is away so I took him, keep the Friday night routine and all that! 

Went up to play with E afterwards,  

She lay on him, he took his hand to hold it to watch them sing! Hopefully they’ll keep this friendship for ever! 

Home and ball pit time before bed. He loves it in there.  

Now hopefully he’ll sleep and won’t be awake before the birds tomorrow!! 

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What a day…

F and S are eagerly awaiting this next post, bet they have refreshed their feed at least three times already! 

Thursday morning, Thursday is swimming day, this morning I learnt that swimming nappies do not hold in poop whilst you sit on them. Yea, we were in the pool 8-10 minutes if that when Z wanted to go down the slide, swimming nappy leaked, pool closed. How embarrassing. Think I handled it pretty well as J and T were with me. If I had been on my own, I think I would have died from embarrassment, plus the pool being empty was a big help. 

Anyways embarrassing moment over…. 

 As I recently wrote my 40 things to do post the girls are kind enough to help me achieve them, tonight’s starting point was BINGO! ( obviously to win all the money I need to get to Canada and to see the Northern lights). Call it beginners luck, guess who called a full house….. I did! It wasn’t enough to get me to my other places. We have arranged next is bowling, then a quick climb up pen y fan, then we’re off to London to see a show and visit the planetarium. ( I have to see the show in order for them to come see the planets and stars I think!). 

 I’m knocking a few off my ‘list’ already, these being with girls I’ve actually known since I was 3 and 11. So, yup, all my life. Hopefully J being a new mate will come to at least one! 

So, bingo, it went ok, other than the winning it wasn’t too bad, a different night out. We’re so getting old. Next will be the planning for London. Maybe I could do all the little stuff before I go back to bingo and win huge to take me on my big travels! 

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August holidays or Christmas… 

Middle of the week again, with the weather outside being so yucky I feel like it’s coming close to Christmas, too early for a tree?! 

 We had a bit of a lazy morning today, before Z went to crèche, well Z and I did, G was busy back in work! After yesterday and Monday’s busy days I thought it would be nice to do nothing. That’s exactly what we did this am. 

 Yesterday was his ENT appointment. We’ve waited for this appointment since last Novemember, doctor wasn’t that concerned really, just if he has any more ear infections to give him more antibiotics. Cheers. But he does want to see him back in six months. 

As he was a very good boy, for doctors, we went to pizza hut, Z likes it here and eats pizza. So yesterday tried him with ham and pineapple, the first slice he didn’t notice by the last he had, so can’t say for sure but don’t think he likes pineapple as he was pulling them off! 


Came home to duck lining. He’s started to do this again lately! 

Today, I dropped Z off at Creche, I didn’t have work, more to get him used to going back in September, I’m glad I choose a day nursery for him now and not someplace that’s only open term time. The girls said he was good, he fell asleep coming home so must have worn himself out! But he’ll know now that after a bath tonight it’ll be bed time, hoping being back at Creche have given him back some of that routine. I was lost mind when he was at crèche, so went and booked my new tattoo, so excited for next week. Get mine covered with a jigsaw piece, with  his name inside. 

 Swimming tomorrow then bingo with my mate, quite excited about that too, it’s something to knock off my 40 things list. Not sure what’s happening Friday yet, but it will be vodka Friday! 

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Portage, speech and kids fit.

what a busy Monday! 

Started this day off up bright and early, Z’s choice. Must have been excited for portage. In all fairness he worked quite well today, much better than he has for the last few weeks. After he closed the door on S a full on crying fit. 

After his dinner, I sneakily got his blanket and gave it to him whilst he was watching Micky mouse, then put the cushions on him, ten minutes later snoring! 

Mam one, Z nill! 

I carried sleeping Z to the car ready for speech therapy. Today was the start of the first of his next six sessions. He knows he has to give those cards, but it’s like he says ah I don’t want them that bad. 

Was excited to actually go out to play before his appointment today!

 After it, it was kids fit time with NAS M, as we only had thirty minutes or so it was easier to take him to play at the park at the side of the building, save the taking in and out of the car.

He had fun climbing, running and knocking. Yea, his new thing is knocking everything. He still even managed to run around in kids fit too. I’d love half of his energy. 

 Dropped him off with his dad so I could meet J to book their party. All done. Now we’re all excited for the birthday party of the year!! 

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Just a pointless post! 

It’s already Saturday, yesterday was spent not doing much. I went to work, went to collect a different lot of antibs for Z as the ones the doctor gave him were terrible! He wouldn’t take them at all. But guess what, his nose is back to running a little, soI’m  guessing his ear infection was coming back! Glad to have ENT next week. Then to J’s for vodka Friday! 

This week is a busy one again, we have portage Monday, speech and kids fit. Then ENT on Tuesday and Z is booked in to Creche for a few hours on Wednesday to get him ready for going back in September. Then F and I are going to bingo! Yup, bingo! I’ve never been to bingo and as it was on my list of things to do before I hit 40, F said we shall go. When better than as soon as.

Today, was my first day of volunteering with NAS M, it wasn’t as scary as I thought. Ok, not so much scary, I know R and N now it’s not as if they were going to dump me an leave me all alone! I had a good day. Enjoyed it. 

Tomorrow Z has a party, with NAS M, see they’ve been fab! Where would we be without them? 

 As for me this evening, I think a shower, nice clean pjs, catch up on what’s on my planner with a coffee and then an early night. All that fresh air as made me tired!  

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The start of my next chapter 

This is the day we’ve been waiting for since May, in May the doctor said suspected autism, hopefully a diagnosis of autism next appointment. That next appointment was today. 

In June August was ages away, in reality August came around pretty quickly. 

I had got my head around to autism. I had said it from when Z was very young. When certain people agreed made my mind feel better. At times I would think am I imagining all of this. Am I making a bigger deal out of this and is it all just typical toddler behaviour. After many lengthy conversations I was going with what my gut had said all along. What I had said from day one. On Tuesday night when I saw Z’s foot, I knew, I knew he didn’t feel pain the same as you and I, I new there and then that I was right. 

 Today, we get to the hospital and they were running slightly late, I can’t complain about that, I’ve never really been waiting at the hospital. S portage came, she played with Z chatted to myself and G and made the whole experience less nerve wracking. How can one person do that? As I’ve said before she is fab, and if I could name her with a big picture it would be with a huge gold star! Oh go on I’ll give her two. One off me and one off Z! I’m sure without her by our side, being a phone call away, this whole journey would be a different story. I think she went again above what is expected of her and her job. She herself should be proud and so should her boss! 

 The outcome was autism, again this didn’t surprise me or my husband. I have been telling him it will be autism for ages, making sure he knows autism. When he asked a question ( can’t even remember the question!) severe was the answer. Severe, now this word kind of knocked me for six! Severe. As much as I say severe autism even out loud, I can’t completely comprehend the meaning! I think severe is his needs. If his needs change maybe the diagnosis will too? I’m not sure. I didn’t ask. Maybe if he starts to talk, things will change. He may never talk, and as much as I’ve said that to G I don’t think he ever believed me. Today he might. Think for him he’s more scared of Z being left alone in this world when we both die. 

 So, what’s next? Truthfully I do not know. What I do know is it’s not going to change who Z is. I don’t want it to change who Z is, or how Z is looked at. I want him to be a child. I know I’ll have difficulties in the future but for now, I want him to be a toddler, to be able to run around, to be free of everything life is going to throw at him. 

So I’ve joined the Nas M family officially. I know with that group (  family and J of course!) I’ll be able to do anything. Z will be able to do anything. He’ll also be able to have fun. Nas M will make sure of that! Of course meeting with N wouldn’t have been possible without S portage. She has been great not only with Z but with me too. 

 Tonight Z had a party with Nas m, and they were kind enough to let J and E come to play, E had a fab time meeting ‘Anna’, Z laughed at the minion E was absolutely terrified!