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Just a pointless post! 

It’s already Saturday, yesterday was spent not doing much. I went to work, went to collect a different lot of antibs for Z as the ones the doctor gave him were terrible! He wouldn’t take them at all. But guess what, his nose is back to running a little, soI’m  guessing his ear infection was coming back! Glad to have ENT next week. Then to J’s for vodka Friday! 

This week is a busy one again, we have portage Monday, speech and kids fit. Then ENT on Tuesday and Z is booked in to Creche for a few hours on Wednesday to get him ready for going back in September. Then F and I are going to bingo! Yup, bingo! I’ve never been to bingo and as it was on my list of things to do before I hit 40, F said we shall go. When better than as soon as.

Today, was my first day of volunteering with NAS M, it wasn’t as scary as I thought. Ok, not so much scary, I know R and N now it’s not as if they were going to dump me an leave me all alone! I had a good day. Enjoyed it. 

Tomorrow Z has a party, with NAS M, see they’ve been fab! Where would we be without them? 

 As for me this evening, I think a shower, nice clean pjs, catch up on what’s on my planner with a coffee and then an early night. All that fresh air as made me tired!  


first time mother, first time blogger

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