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What a day…

F and S are eagerly awaiting this next post, bet they have refreshed their feed at least three times already! 

Thursday morning, Thursday is swimming day, this morning I learnt that swimming nappies do not hold in poop whilst you sit on them. Yea, we were in the pool 8-10 minutes if that when Z wanted to go down the slide, swimming nappy leaked, pool closed. How embarrassing. Think I handled it pretty well as J and T were with me. If I had been on my own, I think I would have died from embarrassment, plus the pool being empty was a big help. 

Anyways embarrassing moment over…. 

 As I recently wrote my 40 things to do post the girls are kind enough to help me achieve them, tonight’s starting point was BINGO! ( obviously to win all the money I need to get to Canada and to see the Northern lights). Call it beginners luck, guess who called a full house….. I did! It wasn’t enough to get me to my other places. We have arranged next is bowling, then a quick climb up pen y fan, then we’re off to London to see a show and visit the planetarium. ( I have to see the show in order for them to come see the planets and stars I think!). 

 I’m knocking a few off my ‘list’ already, these being with girls I’ve actually known since I was 3 and 11. So, yup, all my life. Hopefully J being a new mate will come to at least one! 

So, bingo, it went ok, other than the winning it wasn’t too bad, a different night out. We’re so getting old. Next will be the planning for London. Maybe I could do all the little stuff before I go back to bingo and win huge to take me on my big travels! 


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