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Vodka Friday without the vodka. 

What a lazy day we’ve had. 

Up with the birds this morning, 5.45, yes the middle of the night! We got up, I’d breakfast, watched TV, even painted and bathed by 9.30.  

He loves to paint, the paper, the table and even the floor. 

 After Z had had his nap, yup I think it was needed today, being a Friday its happy meal time. Nan is away so I took him, keep the Friday night routine and all that! 

Went up to play with E afterwards,  

She lay on him, he took his hand to hold it to watch them sing! Hopefully they’ll keep this friendship for ever! 

Home and ball pit time before bed. He loves it in there.  

Now hopefully he’ll sleep and won’t be awake before the birds tomorrow!! 


first time mother, first time blogger

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