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Sunny Saturday 

Not been a bad week as in it could have been a lot worse I suppose! 

Ended up taking Z back to the dentist as his lip was all swollen, they put him on antibiotics till he sees the next dentist on Tuesday. 

On Thursday Z went to play at nans while I went to get my tattoo covered with a new tattoo and Z’s name. Finally, he’s only nearly 3! 

Friday, we were going to go out for the day for our wedding anniversary, but in the morning Z ran into the door he was trying to close and bumped his head. 

So we decided to walk around the lake, feed the ducks, look around the fair and go for some lunch. 

He actually not only noticed the ducks, smiled at them, but dropped pellets to them, the pigeons came along and he knew that the food was for the ducks, so tried kicking the pigeons out of the way. It’s all progress! Before he wouldn’t have noticed the pigeons never mind the ducks. 

He was well behaved to have food, he didn’t eat anything, came out, got in car he seen  McDonald’s and starts clapping, so he ended up having fishfinger happy meal again. But he ate it all. At least he’s eating something. 

As a spur of the moment I walked to see J. Wasn’t having vodka Friday this week as I didn’t know where I was going to be. But with the rest of the vodka there from last week would have been rude not to have a glass or two! Unplanned nights are always the best ones. 

Now for today, going to meet the girls and go run around the park. Make the most of a dry day. 


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