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Weight loss week one. 

Day one went ok, had my turbo trainer, and managed 5 minutes, my poor legs were like jelly! 

I counted all my calories, and continued this right through the week, I did have chips mid week mind as it was our anniversary. G wanted to go out I said no plus Z wasn’t well, so chips it was. 

By day 3 I was doing 15 minutes on the bike. This I was so chuffed with! A whole 15 minutes in 3 days of doing it. 

Even had stuffed mushrooms and rice. 

On day 4 I had the day of from the bike, but as a family we walked around the lake, this was before I went for a meal. Then decided that I would walk to J’s. So even though I didn’t use the bike I walked instead. 

Now for the weekend! 

Ok, so I don’t really trust my scales! They are coming down, but I move to a different tile and they go up! 

This week I’ve still been good, being back in work I’ve clocked up more steps on my fit bit and can actually do 20 minutes on my bike. My legs don’t hurt but I think I may need a softer seat! Ouch…. 

So, going with the scales from last Tuesday to this Tuesday, I know it’s Friday today but I wanted to make sure the scales were coming down! In going with Tuesday’s weight and hoping that I’ve lost 3lbs! I’m happy enough with that, having an under active thyroid is always much harder to loose than to gain. I will persevere, may even walk to J’s tonight without vodka as in working tomorrow. 


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2 thoughts on “Weight loss week one. 

  1. Don’t use the scale so often! True results may take long, and sometimes it will vary according to the day you had, how much you slept, or the liquids in your body. Good luck!


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