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Scooter, bike or trike? 

Today even though it is Monday Z didn’t have portage. Back next week. We haven’t really done much. Well, he made a mess whilst I caught up with yesterday’s dishes, clothes in machine, and just a general tidy up. Food in the slow cooker as I’m off to Zumba later, that way G comes in and foods ready! 

Before Zumba, we had a play out side, I was getting Z a scooter for his birthday, last week crèche informed me he was trying to ride a bike. He has a go on the scooter in kids fit, so thought a scooter would be good. So I pulled out his trike. He’s never bothered with it before. As it has a parent handle the peddles are that little bit harder to push. 
He was having a good go, so now it’s do I get a trike, or a bike with stablisors? He knows what the peddles are for. 

Next up was speech therapy. 

I was pleased with him today he tried really hard. He had a good run around before going in, after waking up. The car trip always puts him to sleep! 

Home for tea and I’m off to Zumba in a bit. Wish me luck!! 


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