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The hardest thing as a parent I’ve had to do. 

Okay, so I’ve only been a parent for nearly 3 years, but today I can honestly say was the hardest thing I’ve had to do. I may have to do something harder in the next few years who knows.  I hope not. 

Today Z was having teeth out. I never mention a place, but today I feel the need too. He was to be at the Royal Glamorgan hospital for 12. We gets there, J very kindly gave up her day to come with me, and her mother gave up her day to watch E.  

I push Z in to the hospital in his Pram, new place, him being tired and hungry and thirsty, pram was going to be the easier option. We gets on to the ward and that’s when he kinda lost it. Apart from not getting monkeys on the bed on the iPad and all above, I was in for a long day. 

The staff were fantastic, they moved us to a cubical, this being for Z or the quietness of the ward I don’t know, nor do I care. It calmed Z down enough. He was going to be first going into theatre. They allowed me and J into the room, with Z still in his pram to put the mask on him to go to sleep. This was the hard part. To hear him cry a frightened little cry, a what’s happening mam cry was heartbreaking. He squirmed a little, but I thought he was going to be a lot worse. His little eyes rolling into the back of his head done me in, that’s when we left, that’s when it was our time to leave. We were back at the ward 10-15 minutes and I got called back up, they wanted him to wake up with me there. They didnt want to upset him. He looked so small in the recovery bed, but was snoring. He wasn’t out of it now but sleeping. Onto the bed and he slept a little while. Woke up and the first thing was the bandage with the Iv point in his wrist out. She came straight away, he had a drink and boy did he knock that water back! Then he realised that his teeth were missing! If I knew the reaction that was going to have, I would have recorded it. When I asked was it only the two teeth out, they came back and said no, five. Five! I thought they were winding me up. But it’s on paper five. Now it’s wait till Z is asleep to find out which five are missing! I’m going with all front four and maybe a back one.  They checked him over, and said he could go home. They didn’t want others crying to distress him, and being at home was in his best interests. Every thing was done today around Z, not around the staff but Z. This I’m grateful for. He doesn’t do waiting, and not waiting whilst tired and hungry. So to get him in and out as quickly as they could, and as safely as they could I think they done very well.

 We came home and he’s been great. He can have some nurofen before bed, and hopefully he’ll have a lovely nights sleep! 

I can’t believe I don’t get to keep his first teeth, I’ll be waiting many years to get a tooth that falls out, I’ll also be waiting years for new teeth to come in. I can’t remember Z gummy! Those teeth were there from 6 months!! 


My brave little guy. Think he deserves a little something tomorrow. Maybe a new weeble to complete his collection! 


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2 thoughts on “The hardest thing as a parent I’ve had to do. 

  1. Aww poor you. I was a theatre sister at the big hospital down the road for more than 30 years before I took early retirement and it’s never easy for parents to let their children go. Explaining that we will take care of your precious bundle because they are precious to us too. So well done mum! I think your team were great getting him in first and home quickly. Shame about his teeth, I always gave the teeth to mum and dad. I was also a bit naughty with the older children telling them in front of the parents how much money the tooth fairy would leave for each tooth!

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    1. Aw thanks! They were really good with him. The soft food for a few days isn’t working as he only eats crunchy foods the softest crunchy foods I can find are quavers! We did have a letter to give to the tooth fairy but he don’t understand anything anyway. I’m just gutted at not being able to keep those first teeth!


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