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Still awake 

After my latest blog post about me being in bed and fast asleep by 8.15 that didn’t happen. What did happen was I finally went to sleep around 9, to have my husband wake me coming to bed at 10-30 – 11ish and continuing to snore and loudly as possible. 

 At 12.15 I gave up laying here listening to him (after giving a few kicks and sighs ) I got up, made a noise mopping my floor, washing dishes, putting clothes to dry and putting tomorrow’s wash on. He did not wake up once. Glad to know I wasn’t a burgler coz he snored all the entire time.

It’s now 1.15, and I’m off back to bed, I did think of just laying on the settee, but he would of have woken me at 5, it’s easier to go to bed, at least I don’t have to keep my alarm for earlier. Think I may need the extra minutes in bed. 


first time mother, first time blogger

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