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Soft play.

Today being Tuesday was back to indoor soft play centre. Been going here for about a year, Z loves it and the staff are great with him. Normally he’ll have a go on the equipment, go down the slide, then go line chairs up. Normal in we go, he don’t wait to pay, so they let him in shoes off and he’s gone, I pay and than catch him to take his coat off him. He went over and was watching a little boy take the soft play pieces up the slide, Z then lined them up. The little boy took one piece and threw it down the slide. Z looked, the boy passed it back to Z, Z put it back in his line, the boy  climbed back up and threw it back down, again Z watched the boy go down and pass it back to him. Then Z took the piece that the boy had given him and threw it down the slide, yup to the little boy! I was staring. Couldn’t believe it, looked back at the girls and the look on their faces they looked in shock! He played with the little boy for around 20 minutes. 

Then he was watching a grandpa build blocks for his grandson, the grandson knocked them over, Z picked one up and handed it to the grandpa to build up again. He done this with him and his wife. Looked them straight in the eye and handed them the block! Again shocked mam here!! 

Some other lady was clapping to her child, Z stopped handing blocks over went over to another lady and took her by the hands to clap, he had them all clapping! So, I would like to say a thanks to you guys for entertaining my child!!

I can’t believe how well he interacted with strangers, never mind another child. I’m starting to look forward to him starting school now just to see how well he’s going to come along. 


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