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Of course it’s that time of year when I should be making my new year new me list. I say lists as that’s how it’s going to work for me.

The normal stuff, loose weight, eat healthier and do more exercise are all true. I do need to loose weight, so that this year isn’t an option I have a wedding in September and want to be at least 2 stone down by then. I also have to have my gallbladder removed so need to loose the weight for that too. 

I don’t think I have much on in the way of social events, no big birthdays. Easter time we will welcome my new niece or nephew into the world, we will go up and to the north of England to meet him/her. When I’m up that far, Z and I are going to get on a train and pop into Scotland to meet a mate I’ve not seen in around 10 years. Wow 10 years! 

I have the nas ball to attend in April, and I’ll need to start thinking about my sponsored walk for nas, not sure where and where it will go to this year, it’s going to be my annual event! 


I will be smaller! 

With Z starting school next week with the impending knowledge he will be full time soon, it means I have no more excuses. It has to get done. 

When he’s at school all day I’m going to get into a new routine. Home by 9.15 and start on the house. Top to bottom it will be emptied. If that means hiring a skip and taking the easy way out I will!! I also want to re tile my bathroom walls. I want a new kitchen and a drive, so every morning Z knows where the car is parked and the day will go smoothly, I hope! So with the extra I’ll be doing I should loose a few extra pounds! I will start doing something each morning, if that’s swimming, walking or getting on my bike if it becomes a routine to me I’ll keep it going. So say I can ride my bike instead of portage, go swimming instead of soft play. All ideas that I need to start.

So as I’m writing this and listening to the wind and rain outside, watching Z laugh at peppa pig,  I’m munching on my chocolix biscuit with my morning coffee, those I will loose this weight thoughts are laughable! No, this is the year!! 

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Sisterhood of the world bloggers 

Recently I was nominated to take part in this blogger link up by,
It’s a lady who blogs about looking after her grandson, and the fun you can only get up to as a grandparent! Thank you for nominating me, I must find 7 blogs to carry this fun on! 

When I took a look I thought ah that’s easy, 10 questions and finding another 10. to ask, it’s  really not as easy as it sounds!

Here are the rules;

•Thank the blogger who gave you the award and link back to their blog

•Answer the 10 questions given to you

•Nominate 7 bloggers for the award

•Write 10 questions for your nominees to answer

•Display the award on your blog or post

So my answers to the questions set me are as follows. 

1. Have you ever met anyone famous? If so how and who? If not, who would you most like to meet?

I’ve met a few, met the pop group steps when I was younger, I queued for hours outside hmv in Cardiff. Met the author of Maisy, I looked after her children when I was a children’s rep.
2. What’s your earliest memory?

Think my earliest memory is walking up through town with my nan. 

3. Why did you start blogging?

I started as it was something I had been thinking of for a while, as I made notes of my ivf journey and Z’s milestones , I just started to note it done online instead one day! 

4. What is your favourite, and least favourite thing about blogging?

Favourite thing would be reading what other people get up too , and meeting with people after talking to them via social media for a while. The least would be the numbers. I’m lucky I’m not too occupied in the stats and where I am, I’d like to think I’ve made an impact on someone or helped at least one person, even if it’s just a smile!  

5. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live and why?

It would be in a chalet in the Alps. Not sure what part of the Alps but it would be somewhere with snow! I choose here as I loved my time as a rep, I loved the fresh air every morning, the snow and how close to the stars I felt! 

6. What’s the craziest thing you have done in your life so far?

Craziest thing, started to blog maybe! 

7. What’s your most treasured possession?

Would it be a Blugh moment for me to say Z?! 

8. If a book was written about your life what genre would it be?

Most probably would be a comedy, just for the laughs, maybe a drama. 

9. What’s the best Christmas present you’ve ever had?

My star.

10. What makes you happy?

Z makes me happy, as without Z I wouldn’t have made such good friends or started blogging. 

I nominate
My questions for you. 

1) If you were a cartoon character who would you be and why? 

2) What did you want to be when you grew up? Is that what you are now? 

3) If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be? 

4) You are given the option of either a night out with mates you’ve not seen for ages, at a location you choose, you do not need to pay for anything, or a family weekend away. What would you do and why? 

5) What was your first car if you drive?! 

6) Why did you decide to start your blog? 

7) If your blog was to made into a film who would you want to play you and why. 

8) What was the best thing that happened to you in 2015. 

9) What do you want to achieve in 2016. 

10) If you could take one famous person to lunch who would it be and why? 

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Christmas Day.

Was a good day, think Z really enjoyed himself this year. Was a little worried on Christmas Eve when he went to bed with a temp of 39.4 then was sick during the night. He woke at 1.15 or so and wouldn’t or couldn’t go back to sleep, he fell asleep around 10.30 and woke at 12.15. He hung on well. At 7 or so took him into our bedroom to open his stocking, he was more excited about the lolly and kinder egg, the presents are still wrapped! Let him eat the lolly and open the egg before fetching him downstairs. I knew there was drums there so for the sake of my neighbours we kept him upstairs till a reasonable time!

He walked in and the first thing he went to was the car track my nan had gotten him, he had hold of 2 cars when he noticed his drums, dropped the cars to play the drums, then noticed his trampoline and had a little bounce. He didnt open any presents, he looked at everything and carried his peppa pig figures around. We opened ours,pooch opened his and ran about! 

By 10.30 Z had fallen asleep with his iPad that he had gone upstairs to get, some sort of normality! 

He woke and we went to nans for diner. All gluten free for me, was the first Christmas I went to bed not feeling sick, was fab! 

Of course Z had his cheese spread sarnie for diner before we went, then had his cheese dipper and jelly for desert. I did put some turkey on his tray that he fed to the dog! I did put a pea there and I’m sure the dog got that too! 

Popped down to his other nans then, he ran and ran down there as that’s what he does! 

Home and bed by 7.30! Poor kid was so tired. 

This year he took notice of all his new things, he smiled throughout. He went with dad to nans today when me and nan went shopping, then we went down nans for tea, again he was really good. Smiling ad laughing. Home and in bed by 7.30! 

Hopefully pooch don’t wake us barking at 8.15 in the morning ! 

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas. 

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Facebook block! 

More annoyed than anything that Facebook have kicked me out for suspicious activity or someone reporting me? I’ve been trying all day to get back in yet the name a friend option keeps telling me exceeded hour limit? I’m more annoyed that I can’t access my Facebook page,  I don’t have that many friends on Facebook as didn’t want to be on there as myself, to gain entry to my own page I have to send government proof that it’s me. How absurd and dangerous is that? My name, address and date of birth. That’s identity fraud waiting to happen. 

So I’ve tweeted you guys help, I can’t ask anything on Facebook as have to be signed in and that you won’t let me do. It’s not damaging my Klout Score that I worked so hard to get up. 

Anybody have any ideas?!!

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Christmas Eve! 

It’s here, how this year have gone so quickly I do not know, but it have done. 

This year I’d say I achieved a lot but that would be lying! I didn’t loose the weight I wanted to, ok I lost some but I didn’t hide good enough and it came back! So next year I will loose it!! 

Z achieved quite a lot, he is a different person to last Christmas Eve, other that not being sick too! This could be the first Christmas that one of us havnt been sick. No hospitals or doctors I hope!!  I’m not saying how tomorrow will go, it could be too over whelming for him now he’s noticing more, or he could be the other way and notice everything! Only time will tell. 

I’m looking forward to Christmas morning, then spending time with the family, eating lots of sprouts! 

So I’d like to take this time to wish you all a Merry Christmas, hope Santa is good to you, unless your like me and havnt got anything off the hubby as I’ve told him I’d rather go and pay less for it after Christmas! I will buy myself a new album for my phone in the morning. 

Have a safe and wonderful few days! 

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Santa visit on the Brecon mountain railway. 

Why did I bother? Ok, the weather was bad, I can’t blame that on the guys that run it. In my opinion it’s very poorly run. 

What could have been a lovely day even in the rain was just a day from hell! 

I tried to get there a little earlier to use the disabled bays, I think they had three, there really should be a few more. 

When you book your seats under 3’s can sit on your lap, so half dragging half walking Z even to meet J and H was a nightmare. I didn’t go in till around 10 past they advise half hour before, I knew he wasn’t going to wait that long. We only waited around 10 minutes before boarding the train. There was a guy here making balloon animals to keep the kids busy! 

The seats are small, J and myself had to share a seat, both with toddlers on our laps. Really crammed. Ok it maybe a big sign were over weight but, think even Z and I sharing would be a tight squeeze. You should have a seat for everyone except babies in arms. That means there would actually be less people queuing up in the rain. 

Ten to fifteen minutes later we stop, greeted by a Santa ringing his bell, with a smile, he was already rain swept. Off we all get, to find that where you queue to meet Santa, there isn’t enough room for everyone, so mostly the first carriage and second, we’re waiting outside. If it was dry and the kids could run about would be slightly different, but with toddlers it wouldn’t make that much difference. Both J and myself took Z and E back on the train, H waited and said the by the time we got back on she had gone under the shelter. Think we spent around 30 minutes waiting on that train, then decided to go on up 

There was still a queue dispite being told there were two Santas! I was giving up, went to pass our token on to H to hand in, and explained that he couldn’t wait, couldn’t deal with the other children screaming, walked away and she called us back, the staff had very kindly let us go to the front. Z had no intention of even looking at Santa, he was at the door waiting to get out. He had his toy train and was gone. We spent the next 30 minutes or more waiting for everyone to go see Santa and board the train. 

I was soaked, Z was loosing it even with his IPad. He may have been the only child I saw with his iPad, and I did get a few looks, but I don’t care, if you think that was him bad with it, you wouldn’t have wanted to see him without! 

Pulling back into the station, yet another queue. This time people were queuing to get on, whilst we were trying to get off. Again, a man with a puppet greeting you or saying bye, but think was a silly place, by the door when people are both trying to leave and get in from the wet. There really should be an exit straight to the car park. 

They have the potential do to so much. Make it so magical, even in the rain, they could put on a train every fifteen or twenty minutes, that way there wouldn’t be as much crowding, or even two carriages and when they are full off they go, if they were taking two full carriages instead of five, think they’d have a better turn around as the train wouldn’t be sitting there for two hours. Even if it was sitting there for thirty minutes, in that time the children wouldn’t have been so bad as they wouldn’t have had to wait: that way parents could have gotten a coffee! Win win in my eyes! At one point if my husband could have drove I would have started walking. There would have been reception at some point in ponsticill and he could have come to get us. If that meant carrying Z for half an hour. 

It’s really put me off ever going again. I may try the train ride in the summer, as a dry day would be different. 

* I paid for my own tickets for this event, no one knew I was going to ‘review’ it!