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Christmas Eve! 

It’s here, how this year have gone so quickly I do not know, but it have done. 

This year I’d say I achieved a lot but that would be lying! I didn’t loose the weight I wanted to, ok I lost some but I didn’t hide good enough and it came back! So next year I will loose it!! 

Z achieved quite a lot, he is a different person to last Christmas Eve, other that not being sick too! This could be the first Christmas that one of us havnt been sick. No hospitals or doctors I hope!!  I’m not saying how tomorrow will go, it could be too over whelming for him now he’s noticing more, or he could be the other way and notice everything! Only time will tell. 

I’m looking forward to Christmas morning, then spending time with the family, eating lots of sprouts! 

So I’d like to take this time to wish you all a Merry Christmas, hope Santa is good to you, unless your like me and havnt got anything off the hubby as I’ve told him I’d rather go and pay less for it after Christmas! I will buy myself a new album for my phone in the morning. 

Have a safe and wonderful few days! 


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