Of course it’s that time of year when I should be making my new year new me list. I say lists as that’s how it’s going to work for me.
The normal stuff, loose weight, eat healthier and do more exercise are all true. I do need to loose weight, so that this year isn’t an option I have a wedding in September and want to be at least 2 stone down by then. I also have to have my gallbladder removed so need to loose the weight for that too. 
I don’t think I have much on in the way of social events, no big birthdays. Easter time we will welcome my new niece or nephew into the world, we will go up and to the north of England to meet him/her. When I’m up that far, Z and I are going to get on a train and pop into Scotland to meet a mate I’ve not seen in around 10 years. Wow 10 years! 
I have the nas ball to attend in April, and I’ll need to start thinking about my sponsored walk for nas, not sure where and where it will go to this year, it’s going to be my annual event! 
I will be smaller! 
With Z starting school next week with the impending knowledge he will be full time soon, it means I have no more excuses. It has to get done. 
When he’s at school all day I’m going to get into a new routine. Home by 9.15 and start on the house. Top to bottom it will be emptied. If that means hiring a skip and taking the easy way out I will!! I also want to re tile my bathroom walls. I want a new kitchen and a drive, so every morning Z knows where the car is parked and the day will go smoothly, I hope! So with the extra I’ll be doing I should loose a few extra pounds! I will start doing something each morning, if that’s swimming, walking or getting on my bike if it becomes a routine to me I’ll keep it going. So say I can ride my bike instead of portage, go swimming instead of soft play. All ideas that I need to start.
So as I’m writing this and listening to the wind and rain outside, watching Z laugh at peppa pig,  I’m munching on my chocolix biscuit with my morning coffee, those I will loose this weight thoughts are laughable! No, this is the year!! 

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