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Fussy eating and autism

So this last few weeks Z have found a love of microchips. He’s practically living on microchips, cheese spread sandwich, toast, fruit gummies, jelly and custard cream biscuits. 

I think that it’s a very poor diet, I make sure his drinks are water, smoothies ,juice  or water, with a glass of milk before bed. 

Where has my baby who would eat everything gone. It’s mad as a few weeks back he would eat pizza, sausage rolls, and breadsticks. Those he won’t touch now. To think he must like them to have eaten them for weeks. Wonder what foods he will eat after the love of micro chips dies down?

I’m hoping one day he will want to try new foods, will want to go for food to try something new. Maybe seeing others at school will help, maybe it won’t. 

The plus side to micro chips is he’s learnt that they are in the freezer, he’s learnt they need to go In the micro, he’s making a choice to put a little salt on them, but he’s eating, and he’s going through boxes of them!  



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