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End of another week.

I can’t believe it’s Friday already, another week over, Z has already done two weeks at school. 

He’s done ok, can’t wait to get in still. Excited when we arrive and smiling when he comes out. 

Tonight, as J can’t face vodka after last Friday’s birthday drinks, I choose to stay at home and catch up on bones, I have four full seasons until I can catch up on tv. That’s what I’m doing, pizza for tea, with a glass of pineapple juice, bones on tv, and writing up a blog! I’ve not written much in the last few weeks with Christmas, new year and well nothing happening! 

Today was a different day as we had snow! Z knew it was something on the floor, he wouldn’t walk unless I held his hand, at first he wouldn’t touch it. He did without gloves to start, wiped it off my hand and then touched it. 


We took the pooch to play in the garden, he followed Z around like he always does, sometimes I feel so sorry for him as he only wants Z to play with him! 

 They look as if they have this really good bond, maybe in their own ways they do?! 


first time mother, first time blogger

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