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Photo shoot, party and park. 

This morning Z went to have his picture taken in his school uniform, we went to the studio, put on his uniform and took it off to leave. Didn’t want to confuse him by putting it on him to leave. He had a few smiles for the camera, it’s good that he’s used to the photographer, she’s been taking pics of him from his first birthday! He knows her, knows she’s going to take photos so plays along nicely, most of the time! 

Next up we stopped at J’s for a quick coffee before a party, he’s not seen E since Tuesday, being in school we seem to only see E once a week, with the weather being rather poor can’t even go anywhere after school as its been too wet. He had a big smile getting there and couldn’t wait to get in.  Today, as E is being a normal toddler and taking toys off him, normally he accepts it, today he didn’t and went to attack her, lucky J was in between to stop him. Yes, J can stop him I don’t have a problem with that, she can tell him off when he’s misbehaving too! So it’s, should I be proud that he attacked, not proud as in he attacked, proud that he stood up for what he wanted, as he’s never really done this before. Or mortified that he attacked. After he made E cry, he got quite upset, I don’t think he knew he had hurt her he just don’t like E crying, if she’s been naughty in the past and gone in time out its like something from Romeo and Juliet, she’s screaming behind the gate, Z’s screaming and shaking the gate looking at J as if to say let her back in! He really does love E in as much as a child can love! He watches her and copies her as much as he can, and she copies him. She likes to mother him and wants to feed him jelly! I look forward to seeing how their relationship progresses. 

When we went to the party, Z couldn’t handle it, was a lot more there than we thought would be, he kept taking my hand to the door. But he tried, he smiled going in looking at the lights, but didn’t have the room to run around and come to terms with anew place. 

So, we went to the park, took his scooter and the pooch! 


Where ever Z goes the pooch is behind him watching every move!


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