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Headlice and sensory troubles. 

When this is the letter Z came home from school with yesterday, I knew it was the start of trouble! 

Going from the fact that Z can’t tolerate a hairbrush in his hair, never mind a haircut, it was going to be fun trying to look for lice.

I sat and tried a nit comb through his hair and he screamed, he cried, he ran. 

Second thing is check my own, I didn’t find anything after 45 minutes. 

Today, Z was scratching still wouldn’t allow me to look using my hands to go through his head, he wouldn’t or couldn’t tolerate the comb, so I best just treat as a precaution. 

I only started squirting the stuff, and oh dear, the screaming started, the crying. We managed to keep it in for 10 minutes out of the 15. The shampoo and wash out was a nightmare. He screamed, he cried, he lashed out. I felt so sorry for him. Knowing I have to do it all again in 7 days just incase. He cried all the way to school first time since he’s started he cried going in. Teacher did say that as soon as he was there he was fine. 

I think there should be a new way to kill these things, maybe shock them! 


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12 thoughts on “Headlice and sensory troubles. 

  1. Best bet for us is to use the repellants. Tea tree shampoo if he will tolerate it (Rach says it makes her head sore, so he may not), and either tea tree repellant spray (daily mist stuff, leave in, but smells a bit like olbas oil), or the Hedrin Protect & Go spray which smells a lot nicer. I think that’s once a week, and with Z’s age and short hair a bottle should last ages. It’s just a couple of squirts then, rather than trying to saturate him all over.

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  2. I hated them! We had it so bad one year my children wanted their heads shaved! What I found worked as a prevention was to put tea tree oil in a cheap hair conditioner. Not the one that says it already has it in. It has to be proper tea tree oil. Put it on their hair once a week and comb. The conditioner let’s the comb go through smoothly without any pulling. Then wash as usual. Not saying it will work for you and Z though :-/

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    1. I think I’ll try anything to try and keep them out, more so, so I don’t have the problem of not knowing like this time and trying to treat as a precaution. On this weeks shopping list will be tea tree oil and conditioner! Thanks for the tip.


  3. Aw bless! It is horrible enough trying to get rid of them when there aren’t sensory issues involved. My sister has given up on the lotions now, she simply runs the comb through every three days with wet hair and conditioner in, it slides through easily with the conditioner in, not sure if this would be any easier with Z?

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    1. I’m thinking I’m going to try every day to get him used to it, I’ve left the comb out so he can pick it up, look at it and get used to it, if I can start by getting it near his head for a few seconds a day and build it up. Think then I’ll give the conditioner in and hope for the best!


  4. Oh goodness, head lice are a nightmare! My daughter had them last year and it was hard enough without all the sensory issues you are dealing with. I agree with the other comments about the preventative spray. We also made one with tea tree oil. Argh, I’m itchy just thinking about it! xx

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    1. I’m thinking next week when I have to reapply just incase there were any in there, in opening the bottle and trying to massage in using my hands, I can only try! Someone could be very rich if they found out how to treat these thing by zapping them!


  5. Oh no, you poor things – sounds like it’s distressing for the two of you. I’d agree with the others and say to try a tea tree shampoo if there’s one that’s not too strong. I hope he’s ok going to school again soon x

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    1. That’s going to be my plan of action I think. He didn’t stop going to school as we didn’t know if he even had them, I don’t think he did as can’t see anything and I don’t have anything in mine either. But prevention is the way forward!

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