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Valentine’s Day 

As its Valentine’s Day and the sun was shinning, we decided to take Z out. Not worth going for a meal as Z don’t tolerate many places and if it’s busy not going to happen! 

So we stopped at McDonald’s for fries, before heading to garwnant. 

I’d been before with J, G’s never been. First thing Z spots was the park so over we go. I thought he would have wanted to climb, but he wanted the swing. Maybe it was because he was wearing wellies. 

We followed the path and spotted many different wooden sculptures. For the first time Z actually took notice. He noticed the sticks on the floor, even the acorns on the sticks. I was so proud! 

When we came to the river he wanted in! He managed to get to the edge and splash with me holding his hood, he can’t loose grip of me that way! How he didn’t slip I don’t know! It wasn’t a fast paced river and he was safe at all times. 

Maybe watching too much pooh sticks! I couldn’t put any in or he would have been in after them. 

Back to the park to finish off a lovely day.  

Can’t wait to take him back and go find the other animals that we missed today. 


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