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First art project – Z’s homework. 

For half term Z had homework. I’m all for letting children do their own work, but at 3 that’s just not possible for Z. I could ask him to colour, paint or do anything and he wouldn’t! 

Some of the things on his list were :-

Bunch of daffodils                                                   Millennium stadium model                   Welsh castle model                                       Paper mache Welsh rugby ball

Let imagination run wild. 

So, I thought I’ll try a paper mache Welsh dragon. The week went by, on Thursday evening I was rememinded of his homework. 9pm I was in tesco getting glue. 

This is how he started.

  By 10pm he had a chest! 
Friday morning he had 3 legs and some sort of tongue. 

 By Saturday morning he had all his legs, his head and body. I didn’t like his two front legs so they came off and re set! I also shaved off half his chest, it was too fat!  

When I attached his wing and tail I decided I didn’t like his face and ears . So changed that too. 

That hardest part was the spikes, didn’t know how I was going to achieve that. But I did. 

Meet the finish dragon! 

Z had a go at putting his hands in the glue and water. He stuck a few pieces of paper. Next was the painting, he had a go, until he realised it was a brush, and proceeded to brush his teeth, with red paint and glue! 

Well done Z on achieving your first piece of homework!! 


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