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Thursday. Weigh in.

Today I’m not going to go to weigh as I feel it wouldn’t be a true reflection of my weight loss.

Today I have a hospital appointment so yesterday had to take two lovely glasses of laxatives. Lovely not! 

I can’t wait until 3pm today when I should be able to eat, after 26 hours of no food. Yes I’m counting the hours. Who would go on a starve yourself mission to prove a point I don’t know! I’m already tired, and I have 10 Plus hours of sleep! I have a head ache and feel Blugh. Yes, feeling very sorry for myself! 

But, I’ve taken my measurements, as I know it’s * week too, my waist stayed the same, it’s crazy how I can still feel bloated but lighter at the same time! My calf half an inch and my thigh an inch. So already lost 8.5 inches. 

Now here’s to next week and try and get a true reflection of the weight loss! I can get on my scales and they say 5-7lbs off, but that’s just from being empty! 


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