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Easter Sunday 

Happy Easter! 

I can’t believe we’re already at Easter, it feels like yesterday it was Christmas. 

I’ve been looking forward to Easter since Christmas, for the way Z loves eggs! All family were warned not to get big eggs, he don’t eat them and it’s just a waste of money, I’d rather people if they want to get something get him a kinder egg, or those little plastic suprise ones, I’m lucky my family are good and listened! 

I placed a few plastic eggs leading from the stairs to the living room and dotted them about. He was excited to see a line of eggs! We came in to the living room and the first thing he spotted were the 6 pack of kinder eggs, oh his little face lit up. Then he saw the peppa pig suprise egg, then the next one, so he opened the both. He had fun opening his plastic eggs, and his kinder egg. 

He found his iPad and sat with his toast. 

We popped down to nans to get his eggs from there, again first thing he saw was the kinder egg! 

He’s had a good morning, he’s gone back and forth to his eggs, but still think it maybe all too overwhelming for him, I do know that he’ll go back to them later. They’ll stay out and he can choose when he wants to unwrap things. 



As for me, I’m off out for a few drinks for a mate of a mates birthday, yes I’m gate crashing some randoms birthday! Even though I have a sore throat, head ache and feel a bit blugh, hopefully the vodka will sort it all out! 

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One glove and a monkey puppet! 

When your sat in soft play waiting on your mate, there’s lots of children younger than Z running around, interacting, playing. This is when Z stands out as being different. 

After watching the first episode of the ‘a word’, the struggles for the parents are obvious. 

After chatting to other parents, they all say the same. 

What I have to look at is Z is happy, he’s happy running around with a glove on, looking at those numbers on the wall. Like the kid on the ‘a word’ who was happy listening to music, oblivious, to the people around him. 

It’s again one of those big questions how long can we keep ‘normal’ going. What’s normal to us, why isn’t running around with on glove on and a monkey finger puppet on that not normal?! 

I’m lucky we’ve been going to soft play for a year, as I’ve said they are great, most of the time there’s regulars there and they are all understanding of Z too. They’ll let him look at the baby, put a dummy in their mouths and tickle their toes! So it’s not all the time it hits me, only on a day like today. 

My son is unique, he’s lush, and if he wants to run around with one glove on he can! If he wants to wear a glove in the middle of summer, well he can! 

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The spirited animal award

Thank you to Losttothedark for the nomination.

Here are the rules :

  • Post the award picture on your blog.
  • Write a short paragraph about yourself and what your blog means to you. 
  • If you could be any animal what would you be?
  • Pick 10 nominations. 

A little about me and what my blog means to me. 

I go by the name J on my blog, I’m in my early 30’s, and from the South Wales valleys. I live with my hubby, my 3 year old son and my chihuahua. 

I started my blog as just something to do, keep an online diary so to speak. As my blog has grown I’m really enjoying blogging. I’m enjoying reading other blogs, and getting to know other bloggers. 

Some people have said my blog has helped them, others say they can relate, right at the beginning I said if I could just help one person I’d be happy and would continue until I didn’t want to! 

If I were a spirited animal, I would be, 

An owl. 

To be honest I’m not to sure why, maybe because I could stay awake all night?! Think being awake and being under the stars would be so quiet. So peaceful, then sleep all day! On the plus side  I’d have nice big eyes to be able to see with, and may even be able to poop on someone’s head! 

My nominations are 

Nickys day with autism
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What spirited animal would you guys be? 

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Brecon Mountain Railway 

After the Christmas trip, I’ll admit I complained. They replied with apologies and gave me a free ticket, today, the girls and I used that ticket and what a different experience. 

We started off on the first train at 10.30. From Pant station Being a Sunday morning and not quite peak times it was quiet. 

Z was able to look out of the window and see the view, and what a lovely view it was. I can’t believe all this is on my doorstep and I’ve never bothered before.

This time we went to the end of the track, the scenery was lush! 

When you get to the top you can get off, go for a walk , have a picnic and wait on the next train to come get you. Think you would be there a while mind as the train stops for around half hour in Pontsticill.

But there looks like lots of great walks, lots of exploring to be had. Not sure if it would be suitable for a buggy tho, there were people riding bikes up there. 

So the train turned around and back on we got. We stopped for half hour, this was plenty of time today as we all needed to be back. So a coffee, a fruit shoot, a pack of crisps , a Welsh cake, a sausage roll and a toilet stop later was time to have a play in the park. The kids loved it. Again, we learnt you don’t have to get back on the train you can catch the next one back.  On a nice day could walk around the res, or even up to the local pub for a beer! 

It’s only about 10 minutes from Pontsticill to the station. 

After today’s trip we can’t wait until the summer for a nice little adventure. 

Thank you Brecon Mountain Railway for giving us the chance enjoy the train ride. We shall see you again in the summer! 


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The dreaded weigh in! 

Yes, these Thursday’s come around very quickly. 

This am I measured, after my 2lb weight gain last week, I wasn’t looking forward to it. 

I lost 1 inch off my waist, half off my thigh and my calf stayed the same. I really wish I had measured the top half of my body now! 

I wasn’t going to go to weigh in, J wasn’t going and didn’t want to go alone, was going to use the nice weather as an excuse and take Z out, but, I got in and thought no, I have to. 

So I went and lost 1/4 of a 1lb! Not a lot, but I’ll take a loss. Must work harder for next week. 

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Sick day. 

On Friday Z was at the doctors, he was boiling, doctor prescribed antibiotics for tonsillitis. He was ok for school Monday. 

Yesterday he had a cough, the more he runs about the more he coughs, the hotter he get the more he coughs, the more he coughs he’s sick!

This has been a fun morning so far, pjs changed for sick, then a pair of bottoms, then he was sick on the bus, is it any point me getting him dressed? Every where smells of sick! 

So today is another day of trying to get Z to not do much, to sit with his iPad and try not to cough. Maybe playing in the garden would be a better option, the cold air seems to help. 

Maybe I’ll get chance to do all my washing and cleaning!  

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Weigh in Thursday! 

This week I wasn’t expecting much as I didn’t get anything done last week having a cold and cough. The cold was nothing serious the cough was just keeping me awake most of the night, so come 4pm the last thing I wanted was to go walking in the rain. 

Didn’t hit my target on my steps either, had a real lazy week. I didn’t eat any more, kept to my calorie intake. 

I didn’t loose any inches anywhere, didn’t gain any either! 

But, I put back on the 2lb I lost last week. It’s a bit gutting as this week I’ve been on my bike each night, but I know this weeks weigh in is from last weeks efforts. 

Just have to to put last weeks lazy week behind me, knowing I’ve already done four days on my bike instead of walking. Hubbys working and it’s too cold for Z to be sitting in the pram doing laps of the lake. 

Tomorrow think I’ll walk to J’s for my well earned vodka! 

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We are one! 

Happy birthday to my blog! 

What started out as something more of an online diary has become my baby! 

I’ve met some great people who’s helped me get to where I am. They’ve re tweeted, they’ve shared, they’ve comented and they’ve shared their ideas and listened. So a huge thank you ladies most of you know who you are! Without our little group I’d be still stuck, even though I’ve only met them once it feels like I’ve known them years. Hopefully can meet them all again this year.

I’m hoping I can continue blogging for another year, it’s good to look back at the ups and downs of the last year. Somethings are just faded memories, others are still raw in my mind! I’ve seen so much progress in Z, it’s good I’ve noted most of it down. 

When I started this there were people I was close to, now some have gone. Some we don’t see and some we are still as close as ever! 

In the last year, we’ve had deaths, we’ve had babies, two mates had two little boys, one towards the middle of the year one at the end, baby J and baby T! 

I know this next few months there’s going to be at least another two babies. One being my niece or nephew. That’s coming any time now. Gifts are wrapped, just sitting waiting! Come on baby! 

We’ve left places behind, we’ve left people behind, we’ve gone new places and met new people.

This next few months there’s a few things coming up, we have the baby, we have Easter, the purple ball,  the sponsored walk, birthdays and outings. 

So much to look forward to, there’s so many places to visit, more so with Z taking more notice of things. Know when your child hits eighteen months and you can’t wait to go places to show them things and let them explore, well this is Z now. Summer is going to be fun. 

So, here’s to the next year of blogging, here’s to having another year of fun, another year of making some wonderful memories and writing them all down! 

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I’ve not shared Z’s progress for a while. 

He’s been in school eight weeks, eight short weeks, but, he’s learnt so much in those eight short weeks. He loves school. He can’t wait to get there, he hands me his school jumper. Last week I’m sure he said to me gool, whilst holding his jumper. The staff are great. He always comes out with a smile. I know I made the right choice. 

I can say I’m not sure if it’s all school or if he’s taking more notice and learning more off his iPad. Anyway I’ll take where ever he’s learning it from. 

He can order numbers 1-10. He knows the letters of the alphabet, if there’s a letter missing he can put the correct letter where it should go. On one app, he can point out the different objects, he can do the adding and multiplying, again not sure if it’s the colours he’s matching. He will touch the top, bottom or middle object. He can find the left or right objects. He can point out the colours the app asks him to.

He knows his socks go on his feet. He knows his shoes go on his feet too, and put them on by himself  last night at nans, even correct feet.  He will touch certain body parts on me, head, nose, eye, ears, shoulders, mouth, legs and feet. He was doing this a few months back, but as with everything autism can make things stop. 

He’s getting good at making certain choices. He’ll pick a drink at soft play. 

So yup in eight short weeks we’ve made some amazing progress

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premio dardos award

The Premio Dardos Award is given in recognition of cultural, ethical, literary and personal values in the form of creative and original writing. 
The rules are as follows:
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I nominate