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I’ve not shared Z’s progress for a while. 

He’s been in school eight weeks, eight short weeks, but, he’s learnt so much in those eight short weeks. He loves school. He can’t wait to get there, he hands me his school jumper. Last week I’m sure he said to me gool, whilst holding his jumper. The staff are great. He always comes out with a smile. I know I made the right choice. 

I can say I’m not sure if it’s all school or if he’s taking more notice and learning more off his iPad. Anyway I’ll take where ever he’s learning it from. 

He can order numbers 1-10. He knows the letters of the alphabet, if there’s a letter missing he can put the correct letter where it should go. On one app, he can point out the different objects, he can do the adding and multiplying, again not sure if it’s the colours he’s matching. He will touch the top, bottom or middle object. He can find the left or right objects. He can point out the colours the app asks him to.

He knows his socks go on his feet. He knows his shoes go on his feet too, and put them on by himself  last night at nans, even correct feet.  He will touch certain body parts on me, head, nose, eye, ears, shoulders, mouth, legs and feet. He was doing this a few months back, but as with everything autism can make things stop. 

He’s getting good at making certain choices. He’ll pick a drink at soft play. 

So yup in eight short weeks we’ve made some amazing progress


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