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Saturday’s Sponsored walk for autism. 

Today we all met ready for the second year of walking for autism. 

I have to say I have some of the best mates to join in. 

We walked for 6 miles, some of the children walked, some run and some like baby T I think slept right through oblivious! 

We lost a few from last year and gained some new ones this year which was lovely. 

The sun stayed out for most of it, being caught in one shower then for the last ten minutes of walking it hail stoned. 

We went back to soft play, where we were greeted with cake. They children could burn off their left over energy and we could have coffee with our cake! 

So thank you to everyone that walked, for everyone who sponsored us and for everyone who asked people to sponsor us all very much appreciated! 

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Another Sunday day out! 

On Sunday after the Nas purple tie ball, hubby was nursing his hangover so J and I decided to go exploring! Thanks to a page on Facebook where people post fun days out. We tried to find the sultan pit pony. 

So txts a mate to ask is this where she goes, and if so is it suitable for Z. Yes it’s fine, lots of nice open space to run, he’ll love it. No ponds, lakes or drops. No, that’s the other end you won’t walk that far. 

So off we go, Z’s bike in the boot.  Post code in sat nav.

We passed it, no sat nav says keep on going. Sign says keep going. Sat nav takes us to a housing estate. Wrong place must be back where we missed so off we go. 

Out we get, try to look at the ‘map’ and Z starts by wanting to climb. He’s not climbing as there’s a drop. He’s kicking and screaming I’m getting hot and bothered. Shouts and sticks him on his bike. Really wish I had his pram. 

We follow the path, mmmm don’t look to Z safe! 

Ponds, at least this one has a fence around it! 

Let’s go exploring, behind this fence is a train track! 

Z had lots of fun exploring his surroundings. Any one for ‘risky’ play?! 

We follows the path Z wanting to get on his bike, but can’t deal with the waiting as E being younger is still a slower walker. So E has a go on the bike and Z walks same speed. He’s lately taken to liking being on my back, but don’t hold on. Scared he’ll fall back, so I’ve just ordered a carrier. Yes, he’s 3.5 and yes he should be walking, but the difference are Z can be overwhelmed, maybe being on my back calms him. I’ll try anything. At least I’m not dragging a pram around or a bike. Having to leave it to chase Z, a carrier on my back will be like a rucksack. I’ll let you know how we get on with that, may try it Sunday! 

It’s that point when It’s gotten to much for Z and he don’t want to wal for whatever reason, he runs laps of the house, soft play and school so it’s not as if he can’t walk where I’m taking him coz physically he can cope, mentally is another thing. 

As much as people accept him, I don’t know if they grasp that part. People say my 3.5 year old would be made to walk no prams here, but you are not dealing with Z ordinarily I’d say a 3.5 year old should be walking too. 

Anyways! Back to the car, coffee and a bar of chocolate we follow the road around after being told we were in fact the wrong part! Older kids on bikes or scooters would be fine this end! 

What a difference! Open space, and lots of it! Z could run and be safe! 

We Did  stand in the ponys ear and look at the view. Z ran back and forth with the wind in his face and loved it! 

Yes, what a view we didn’t manage to get to the observatory this time, we will go back, maybe when I have Z’s carrier! 
Treated J to a trip home via the boggey road! 

Apart from litter we saw lots of sheep, lambs and real live ponys!

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Today we decided to go to the park, we get there for around 9.20, I took Z’s bike, something different other than his pram. He was ok getting on it and going the short way to the park. 

We were the only ones there. He ran, he played on everything he wanted to, he jumped and was actually flapping quite a bit. Not really seen the hand flaps in this way before. As he was smiling and babbling away I’m guessing he was enjoying himself, and not too stressed as we were the only ones there. 

After around 15 minutes J and E came to play. To see the smile on Z’s face when E shouted Z’s name, he ran over to her and tried giving her a hug. Then she ran away and he chased her trying to give her a kiss! Was so sweet. 

We played in the park for a little while, then went for a walk in the woods. E is really good and will walk, Z hates hanging about so we sorta pushed on ahead. I didn’t really want him seeing all the ponds or if have a fight to get him away. 

We did stop at the top and wait for E, whilst waiting we looked at the tadpoles swimming. 

He didn’t want to go. He threw himself on the floor, he kicked and screamed. Now was this that toddler temper? I think it was, so managed to get him back on his bike and go. 

We stopped for a quick drink and some crisps before leaving for school. 

  And that’s when E decided she would return her hug! 
She knows Z don’t talk, she sorta knows she can’t cry as it really upsets him, yet she’s still his friend, when you ask her does she love Z she replies yes. 

Hopefully this little bond they have will continue to grow, he responds well to E, and takes notice of what she’s doing. 

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Spontaneous Sunday 

Yesterday I popped to J’s for a coffee, with the intention of going for a walk to the local park. Get there and says come on let’s go. 

So we chucks E’s seat in the car, put some fuel in and head off to find the sand dunes at Merthyr Mawr. Seen them on a page off Facebook. So Merthyr Mawr in the sat nav, ( I love my car now has one!) and off we go. 

As this is more of a child friendly blog I can’t even write down some of what J said, when I’m driving down a narrow one vehicle lane in to a village. A pretty looking village, with pet goats in one garden and a pet pig in another. The, what the actual F is that, omg it’s a pig, comment, done nothing for my concentration! (Maybe you needed to be there for that?!) 

So we drive on a little past a bridge and J gets a little too nervous, a turn in the road and we head back. 

We ended up in southern down. ( We think!) 

The tide was coming in, quite quickly, so we didn’t spend too much time walking across the rocks. 

We had a quick coffee stop in the car, Z and J had a drink and some crisps, and off we went walking. Even though Z wasn’t walking far, he’s gotten to the point he can’t do crowds, every time people were walking towards us he was laying in the floor or wanted me to pick him up. 

But he ran with E, they looked at a tree, and what ever was on the floor! 

If I had put Z in his pram we could have gone exploring a little more.

But when it was clear he could take no more and practically run back to the car, all the time with me singing to him, we stopped to look at the water before getting to the car and stopping at Aberavon beach for a little play at the  park! 

Glad we met J and E to go on little adventures with. Looking forward to the summer holidays and where we will end up! 

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My A-Z of autism 

With April being autism awareness month I thought an A-Z would be a good idea. It’s taken me a good few days to finish this post, as it was slightly harder than I thought it was going to be! Some letters I could have put lots too, others I struggled with one. Maybe this time next year I’ll have different words for the a-z. Maybe I’ll try it again! 

A   – Acceptance.

I think lots of people are aware of autism now, but are people actually accepting? 


Even though Z is 3.5 now we’ve hit that babbling stage. The stage I was most looking forward to as a baby. I can listen to him babble all day long, and smile most of the time! 

C  – Copying . 

Think he finally has what copying is. He’s just learnt to copy ‘aahhh choo’ and ‘oh dear’ , he’s learning to copy from some songs too. 


Z has always loved ducks, he lines them up, he sorts them in order so it’s kinda obvious D had to be for ducks. 


Picky eater, fussy eater I could put a few to this one! This last few weeks he’s trying more foods, chicken nuggets and back to eating a fish finger. I can’t say for certain it’s the gluten free diet, but I also don’t want to take him back off it incase it is! 

FFamily and friends.

 Without my family and friends, this chapter of my life would be much harder. They are always there, I just need to ask for help more often than not ask at all! 

GGetting there. 

I wanted to put it under P for progress but P was already used. So getting there will do! Z is getting there, in his own time at his own pace, and to see how much he’s coming along is just brilliant. 


Z loves his hands and fingers. He inspects his hands all the time! 


What a life saver the iPad has been. It’s brought Z on so much. He’s taking more notice, he’s learning new things, I’d go and buy a new one tomorrow if I had too. 


I can’t put her name down as I don’t put names! But without J being there to go places together, for giving Z his first taste of friendship and for keeping me sane with vodka Friday’s it wouldn’t be as much fun! 

KKinder eggs. 

Thanks YouTube for this one! I must have the only child that don’t eat the chocolate and just crunches it into small little pieces just for the yellow tub inside. Nope not even for the toy but for the paper! 


Maybe a typical one here, lines. Z loves his lines! 


Z loves music and singing, his favourite at the momenet is the finger family song. He loves 1,2,3,4,5 and 5 little men amongst others . 


Not sure how good other local NAS branches are, but mine are brilliant. Without R,N and C doing all they do, I Wouldn’t have met other parents, and Z wouldn’t have done lots of what he has done. 


Ordering numbers 1-10 in block and putting the alphabet in order. He likes a bit of order! 

P – Professionals 

From portage to teachers, I was lucky we had such a great portage worker, kinda made it that much harder to trust the next lot of professionals! But, Z’s teacher and all the lsa are really good. He loves school so they must be doing something right. The staff are all very friendly, always get taken into school and brought out with a smile. 


Never let anyone tell you a pre verbal child is quiet! 


As hard as this one is to say, it does happen. A few months back Z could do a puzzle all by himself, now he struggles. When he would say a word and stopped or would wave bye and stopped, it’s all classed as regression. 


Something when I now  get I appriciate much more than ever before!


Without having a clock in my house Z knows the time. By 8.20 in the morning he’s ready to leave for work!! He knows when it’s time to be picked up, he knows when it’s time for school, how without looking at a clock he does this I just don’t know! 


I’ve learnt to be more understanding of autism and special needs in general. Not to look at others and judge. Yes that kid could be a naughty spoilt brat, or they could be like Z, they Could be experiencing anything, who are we to judge? Understand a little more, it’s making life a little more fun. 


This is for me! Without vodka Friday’s, I’m sure the a-z of autism would be much different!


As hard as it is some days going to work after no sleep, it’s something that has to be done. I’m just lucky the jobs I do have are not 9-5 jobs . So hands down to all of you that have full time jobs and a child at home who does not sleeep. 


Now this was a hard one. Thanks to google this word means yellow or yellowish, which is the colour of Z’s favourite  blanket. One that used to go everywhere with him, still on long journeys or new places, but kept mainly for bed. 

Y – You tube. 

Ahhh, YouTube and the iPad where would we be without you? It’s taught Z to use his pointy finger, to count, the alphabet and colours. Maybe even a little patience!


Z has to be for Z. He is who is is. I wouldn’t change who he is. To me he is a strong clever little boy, who may or may not talk. He’ll talk if an when he has something he wants to say, until then I’ll wait. He is an inspiration, to not care about what others think of him, think more people should be like that, who cares if your wearing one glove in the sun? It’s your choice. You choose who to be, and I love Z for whom he is. 


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Vodka Friday, I’ve missed you! 

It feels like it’s been forever without a vodka Friday. It was before Easter, what with going out Easter Sunday, then me being sick, then heading to Newcatsle and J being sick it just havnt happened. 

So tonight vodka, and slush. 

To get to my step goal I’m walking up, not sure which way I’ll walk yet, maybe the long way just for the added steps, but that’s the flatter way, the less steps is all up hill. I’m sure up hill is better for me. Decisions. 

As for the watching what I’ve eaten this week I’ve done really well I think! Eaten salad and veg most days, today I treated myself to chips, sweet potato chips, gluten free scampi, and a side salad. I’ve eaten lots of rice with veg, and cut right back on the crisps. I have been naughty and eaten chewy sweets waiting on the kids to come out of school tho. 

Hopefully the walk will cancel that out?! 


This is what a Friday is to Z! We don’t even hit the first roundabout from school and he’s fast asleep. Snoring too. I’m guessing it’s a busy day wrecking the house in an hour, getting hair cut, having a Bath then drawing on oneself all before school! Good luck nan tonight! 

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Thursday comes around quickly! 

It’s been a while since I went to weigh in, between Easter and the holidays. I’ve still been taking measurements and I hate to say but I’ve stayed the same. A bit gutted as that means I’ve not lost anything!

Weigh in and I had put on 1lb. So that’s it, it means I take today as my starting weight, and give myself a goal for next week.  

My fitness pal I’ve loaded back up. I’ve started the couch to 5k too. Only in week one but it’s a start! Needed to do day 3 tonight but with Z being awake from 12.45-3.50 this morning, then chasing him around the pool for an hour I’m exhausted and waiting for bed time! Is 8.30 really too early to go to bed? 

Think tomorrow being vodka Friday and not having a vodka Friday for a few weeks I’ll be walking up! Maybe I’ll be leaving at 4 to get there for 6! 

I really do need to do it now this wedding is getting closer and closer! Eeekkk

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On Wednesday we went to meet my baby niece and Z’s baby cousin M.

We left around 10.30 picking my mother up and then my nan. The trip up was a better experience than last summer! Z was brilliant going up, he was well behaved and we missed all the traffic. 

We stopped at one service station and his little face lit up when he seen a Thomas magazine, maybe I’ll have a little train fan after all.

We arrived at about 6. Checked in and went to see M.

I wasn’t sure how Z was going to be, he’s been good with babies but he’s not seen one so small, so young at only 2 weeks, but he was brilliant. He gave her a big kiss, with a big grin. 

That night Z didn’t go to sleep till late, he woke around 4 and must have kept everyone at the b&b awake! He was very loud! At 7.30 I was taking him for a walk to get him out before breakfast, it’s safe to say he didn’t make breakfast! 

On Thursday we took him to South Shields. He had a go on a baby ride, he looks too big for it but really enjoyed it. I can’t put him on rides as such as he’ll try and climb out. This is when autism is hard, when he’s on this baby ride clearly enjoying it but looking like he should be on the mini roller coaster outside. He also had fun posting 2ps in the machines. 

We went to the park where he nearly gave both his nans a heart attack running to the ducks! I’m used to him running and I’d like to think at this age I can catch him every time. I don’t know what he would have done if I hadn’t caught him, would he have tried getting in the water? I’m looking forward to the time he starts school full time and gets swimming lessons! 

That night could clearly see change of routine and far too much sensory overload as he was boincing, didn’t go to sleep till around 10, but did sleep till around 6 in bed with my mam! 

Think it’ll be a while before I attempt to take him away again, maybe being on a ground floor where I could have taken him for a walk in his pram would have been different or a room with just us, I don’t know. The traveling side of it I couldn’t fault him. Maybe he needs to go for a little longer to get into a new routine I don’t know. 

But I think he enjoyed himself. He knew where my sister lived, he went last summer, I couldn’t remember what set of steps to go to but he did on the first night. The second day my nan is going up the wrong ones he’s dragging me to the correct ones, my little sat nav!

So next time we see M she could well be walking! I’m guessing he’ll remember who she is! 

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Life lessons.

A few weeks ago I lost my uncle, he was also my godfather.

I’ve lost many people but this one seemed different. It’s the first uncle I’ve lost, the others have been my nans generation, it’s scary when it hits your dads generation, I’m getting older.

Can always remember my sister an I having conversations at nights , one being if anything happened to mam and dad what God mother god father would you go live with. My auntie lived ‘far’ away and her god father did. Her God mother was old but lived local, she could never decide I said D coz it’s not far away, I know him and I’d still get to see my friends!

Have so many wonderful memories of D, from a young age there were always holidays, Friday nights, Christmas, bbqs and trips to the park in the summer.

Every Friday he would be waiting patiently for his wife to take him to darts, standing by the door shouting, ‘come on, I’m going to be late!’ Then me and my sister and cousins would jump in the car and go for a ride! That was before safety and seat belts! Then he’d get out and someone would automatically jump in the front.

My uncle worked in the lesuire centre, my friends at school always said I had the coolest uncle as we could go and play on a Saturday afternoon. If he was picking us from our nans we’d go there for what seemed like hours, bet it was only 30 minutes! We would play in the lifts, also later found out these lifts were actually food lifts.  We could play on the bouncy castle if there had been a party, now when your 6/7 and you get a bouncy castle to your selves it’s the best ever! Or sometimes the big trampoline would be left out from gymnastics and we’d get to bounce on that, or there would be the ‘little’ trampolines, ( trampette) that we would see who could bounce the highest and throw themselves the furthest on to the crash mats!

Friday nights were roller disco nights so we were able to go there too, even though he was out at darts, everyone knew who we were.

At 15 he rang me and asked did I want a job in the cafe. I took it, started just before my GCSEs, was the best thing to happen to me, left school to start college and I was the only one with a job. I can’t thank him enough for that life experience. Was my first chance of being a grown up, of being responsible, for running something. This Saturday job eventually became a four day a week job. We had some laughs down there.

Know what I don’t think I ever heard D shout.

As I got older the odd few times I did the darts run for my dad he would always be the first out laughing, telling the others to hurry up. Remember when my cousin was pregnant, one Friday I said to him, ah that’s it you’ll be babysitting now, he laughed and said no, she’ll have to pay me to finish work. When the baby was born, who had her, when I mentioned this too him he looked at her with his big smile  and said but who could resist her? So when your older and if you ever read this your grampa really did adore you!

God had the final call, DD to reception please, DD to reception.


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Autism awareness day. 

Yesterday we took Z to Cardiff to ‘blow bubbles for autism’ was a good day. Lots of bubbles and nice to meet other people. He had a go on the carousel ride, didn’t want to get off! Maybe a trip to the fair will be soon….

After blowing bubbles we went over to Ed’s diner for some diner, Z had his fries and done really well, he sat for most of the time, until a few more came in and he wanted out!

We tried our luck in techniquest, last time we went was before Z was diagnosed with autism, he struggled, looking back didn’t realise it had anything to do with how busy it was. This time he had more fun. It wasn’t as busy and he could sort of run! He tried always to drink the water and found it funny when he was chasing it to drink it! Think his favourite part was the drums! 
When we got home, a few of my mates went to the park to blow some more bubbles for autism! 




So all in all our first time of joining in with autism awareness day we really enjoyed! Now here’s to the next month and all the months afterwards!