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Vodka Friday, I’ve missed you! 

It feels like it’s been forever without a vodka Friday. It was before Easter, what with going out Easter Sunday, then me being sick, then heading to Newcatsle and J being sick it just havnt happened. 

So tonight vodka, and slush. 

To get to my step goal I’m walking up, not sure which way I’ll walk yet, maybe the long way just for the added steps, but that’s the flatter way, the less steps is all up hill. I’m sure up hill is better for me. Decisions. 

As for the watching what I’ve eaten this week I’ve done really well I think! Eaten salad and veg most days, today I treated myself to chips, sweet potato chips, gluten free scampi, and a side salad. I’ve eaten lots of rice with veg, and cut right back on the crisps. I have been naughty and eaten chewy sweets waiting on the kids to come out of school tho. 

Hopefully the walk will cancel that out?! 


This is what a Friday is to Z! We don’t even hit the first roundabout from school and he’s fast asleep. Snoring too. I’m guessing it’s a busy day wrecking the house in an hour, getting hair cut, having a Bath then drawing on oneself all before school! Good luck nan tonight! 


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