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Fourteen days.

I can not believe it’s the 1st of July tomorrow. Including tomorrow I have fourteen mornings left with Z. 


In fourteen school days that’s our mornings gone before school. I feel there’s so much I’ve not done with him that’s still do do. Some of the things I’ve not done include not taken him to a toddler morning at techniquest, I’ve not taken him bowling, or tried the new indoor play centre, I’ve not taken him to the cinema or a different pool.                      I have fourteen days maybe I could get a few done. Out of those fourteen days it’s minus one for sports day, one for transistion day and one for the school fete,  that’s leaving me with eleven days. 

I still feel lucky that I was able to take him to play groups, swimming, drum lessons, soft play, parks and coffee mornings, his doctors and hospitals appointments, attend portage sessions and what ever else we’ve gotten up to in these last three years. 

I always said if I were lucky enough to have kids I would make sure I was a fun parent, that I would go swimming or on rides, I’m hoping I’m living up to that little promise I made myself nearly five years ago when going through the Ivf. 

Don’t get me wrong when he’s been up since four o’clock I’m counting down the seconds for school, but I know I’m going to miss him like crazy when he’s there full day.

I’m also very lucky one of the girls invited me to playgroup, where she had been chatting to H, H introduced me to T, when I went one morning on my own T was the one who said sit here, T was the one who nobody and I mean nobody picked on Z, or she would be there before me. Then there’s J, I couldn’t imagine life without  J and E now! It’s like we’ve known each other forever. 

But in those fourteen short days LJ goes off to nursery, so does P, but they still get to hang around with J and E for another year, as both will be part time and Z full time. Same age different schools. 

So ladies, not only you three everyone I’ve met these last three years! Thanks for making these last three years so much fun! Without you three I’m sure I wouldn’t have have lived up to my promise of being a fun parent and taking Z places! Here’s to the school holidays in fourteen days, and places we’ll see, and memories we’ll make. 

P.s I did actually have a little emotional tear in my eye writing this 😉. 

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First parents evening and school report. 

Last night was my first parents evening. I’m so proud of how Z has come on with the few months he’s been at part time school. His teachers spoke very highly of him, said he’s a lovely little boy, who’s really come on in school. I got to look at his school book and what he’s working on.

I’m a little sad that his teacher leaves him in September, it’s not like mainstream school when the teachers stay in the same class, and the children move, some children move, some stay, some teachers move, some lsa moves. 

I’ve been told that he will have met the lsa and teacher as they work all alongside one other so that’s good. 

This time last year I was worried about what school he would even go to and if he would be at school! I’m glad he went and got in. It’s been good for him, he loves it. 

Also I got his school report, there’s lots of positives there, on what he’s worked well to achieve. 

My favourite sentence is,  ‘Z is our little explorer who loves learning outdoors.’ Followed by, ‘Z is a wonderful addition to our school; he is always full of life and has a beautiful smile.’  

I know he is a little explorer he comes home most days covered in mud! 

He’s happy going into school, he loves school and that’s all that matters! 

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A&E nearly in a swimming costume! 

Twice now Z has closed the local pool. 

The first he did a number two, then sat on the slide.

This week all was well, I kept checking for that number two! He was running and jumping, going under and blowing bubbles like his instructor been showing him. 

Next thing he walked over with his eyes closed and sorta went limp. Now I’m not one to panic. J was, ‘get him to the lifeguard he’s drowning!’. Me, no you have to be in the water to drown. 

When I couldn’t ‘wake’ him I took him to the lifeguard who run, put all the alarms off and emptied the pools. Poor school children having lessons were also evicted. 

They lay Z on the floor, he said I think he’s had a seizure, seek medical advice. Of course I would! I’m glad they didn’t ring an ambulance like they were talking about. All that went through my head was I can not go to the hospital in my swimwear! I can’t! All the lifeguards were very good, calm and professional. At least I know when I go there he’s safe! 

I took Z straight to a&e, and in all fairness he was seen quickly. The doctor was great, she wants a brain scan on him but wouldn’t keep him in for observation as he was getting quite agitated so said as he would be upset they wouldn’t get a true observation from him anyway. 

He will be sent from the peads department, that’s going to be scary as he will be put under. 

She did say it could be his first as well as his last, or it could happen again. 

I’m hoping it was the first and last. 

Since Thursday he’s been fine, he’s eaten lots and have been going to sleep earlier.

Hopefully I’ll have a few answers tomorrow when he sees the doctor. 

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Thursday = weigh in ! 

Don’t think I’ve blogged about my weight loss for a while. I have been doing it. 

Since last weeks weigh in,  I’m down 2lbs. 

Measurement wise .5 off my calf, thighs have stayed the same, waist .5, chest 1 and arms stayed the same. So all in all its two inches lost, I’m happy with that. 

This week I’ll keep up with getting my 5 fruit and veg in each day. These Guinea pigs are good for the diet! 

So now I’ve started to see the scales go lower I’ll keep at it. I can do this ! 

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I am ok! 

So these last few days I’ve not been out with the girls.

There’s nothing wrong it’s just all the things came at the same time! 

You also know what it’s like the more time you spend away the longer that time goes and the less chance it will be to re join a group. 

So between half term, yeah, I don’t really do half terms every where is different and sometimes busy! 

It started when I couldn’t go for a drink, I went to porthcawl and Dan Yr Ogof, that was it. More so as J worked on Thursday so we had a day home. Friday Z had his drum lesson and dentist, so was a little too late to join the girls. 

Then the weekend comes and I’m not sure where it actually went to be honest but it went. 

Monday and J is working, Tuesday he had a swim lesson and I needed to get a birthday gift so didn’t make soft play. Again Wednesday and J works, that takes us to today. I was intending to stop for lunch but with the queue and I was starving I didn’t want to take the chance of food arriving so yes I went home! Tomorrow is drum time, then I’ll see what will happen after school! 

So girls, there is nothing wrong, I may just be having a quiet, but busy week! 

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Blogging and stats.

When does blogging start becoming all about the numbers? 

What with so many places to be ranked it’s hard to keep up! Klout, tots100, da and I really don’t know what else! 

How can you get a good score on one but have the other one low? I just don’t get it! 

In a way I’m lucky that I’m not blogging for my job as that would be way above my means. I do have a lot of respect for you guys that blog for a job. To keep on top of lots of numbers alone just seems like a lot of hard work! 

I’ll continue to keep blogging for me, and if one month I dip, it’s because I know I didn’t write, or have a thing to say! 

I know every month I was getting more views, then November it slowed down and December  was particiculaly low on numbers but it’s Christmas everyone is busy! I started to get numbers back up, until May when I was very quiet! It’s really hard to keep Facebook, Twitter and the blog going! 

So again well done to those that can do it! 

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Dan Yr Ogof Caves 

Yesterday we went to Dan Yr Ogof with the craft club I take Z to. 

I drove down as really didn’t know what Zwould be like on a busy bus with screaming children, or of it would be to much at the place either. 

We met them there, we held back enjoyed a coffee then went exploring. We seen lots of dinosaurs. 

He did seem to look at them. 

We only looked in two caves. Think unless you like caves once you’ve seen one with children you’ve kinda seen them all. Without children the stories would be interesting! 

I’m glad I can chuck Z on my back with the toddler carrier, makes life so much easier, and he likes it so it’s double win! 

He was loving trying to touch the water in the first cave. 

The second cave I let him walk in. He done really well, except this cave was full of water and pools! Quick turn around in that one! 

There were little villages to look at too. 

After a spot of lunch we went to look at the real animals! 

They didn’t bother him at all, we played at the little playground area before heading home. 

I think I would most probably take him again, he seemed to have fun! 

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Half term Tursday

The girls from play group decided to go out for the Day on Tuesday during half term. J’s off work, and G is in work Tuesday and Wednesday, Wednesday were off to Dan Ye Ogof caves, so it works well! 

We decided on Portchawl, leave about 9.30 be there early. 

I was running a little late after getting sun tan lotion from tesco. But we made it. Z wasn’t happy! He had some crisps, and a drink, another pack of crisps, the crunching some times calms him. 

We went to explore the rock pool, he wasn’t to fussed. I dug a hole in the sand and the girls filled it with water, like he had his very own pool, but people took over it! I know! How rude, dig your own hole! 

We went to the sea, again, he was a little wary, but it was very busy. We jumped over the waves, he laughed , he clapped, he jumped and flapped, think he would have enjoyed it a lot more if there were less people about. 

We were lucky that the tide was on its way in as he wanted to leave. I felt bad that the girls came with me, but think secretly they had had enough of the sand! 

Chips, chips and more chips, a drink and Z was in a much better mood! We head on over to the fair. He loved it. He went on some rides and even had ago at jumping on the trampoline! 

He posted 2p coins that Nan gave him, and we watched them go down the a lot. He was lucky he got a lolly and loads of tickets. Maybe we’ll go back and try get more tickets! 

He done really well today, ok , he struggled a little on the beach. But that’s not the end of the world, I can drive to a beach at 4pm when it’s quiet for him to run about! He won’t miss out well just learn to go different times! My different times and not Z’s or we would be there at 2am! 

Think we all had a lovely day out, looking forward to the six weeks holidays when we get to do it all again! 

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May bank holiday .

With the end of May along comes another bank holiday and half term. 

Other than going into the holiday with a husband with a broken arm and plans to visit Dan Yr Ogof caves with the craft club I take Z too nothing else was set in stone. 

The weekend we got our Guinea pigs, Z still loves them! We went with the names in and dau. 

Both Sunday and Monday were spent sitting in the garden. Sunday runong around and getting to know Un and Dau. 

Monday we put the pool up. Z loved it and spent nearly all day in there! 

E came down to play too and J and I enjoyed coffee! 

I’ve realised I can try and take Z out to the busy places on bank holiday but what’s the point when he gets stressed which in turn gets us all stressed? He’s happy in the garden, I’m happy in the sun with a supply of coffee so we’re all winners!