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Blogging and stats.

When does blogging start becoming all about the numbers? 

What with so many places to be ranked it’s hard to keep up! Klout, tots100, da and I really don’t know what else! 

How can you get a good score on one but have the other one low? I just don’t get it! 

In a way I’m lucky that I’m not blogging for my job as that would be way above my means. I do have a lot of respect for you guys that blog for a job. To keep on top of lots of numbers alone just seems like a lot of hard work! 

I’ll continue to keep blogging for me, and if one month I dip, it’s because I know I didn’t write, or have a thing to say! 

I know every month I was getting more views, then November it slowed down and December  was particiculaly low on numbers but it’s Christmas everyone is busy! I started to get numbers back up, until May when I was very quiet! It’s really hard to keep Facebook, Twitter and the blog going! 

So again well done to those that can do it! 


first time mother, first time blogger

4 thoughts on “Blogging and stats.

  1. I think you are right. Unless you are blogging for your income then stats really do not matter but it’s still good to see them go up (and bad when they fall!).
    So carry on doing what you love best, just write what you want, when you want to 🙂

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