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A&E nearly in a swimming costume! 

Twice now Z has closed the local pool. 

The first he did a number two, then sat on the slide.

This week all was well, I kept checking for that number two! He was running and jumping, going under and blowing bubbles like his instructor been showing him. 

Next thing he walked over with his eyes closed and sorta went limp. Now I’m not one to panic. J was, ‘get him to the lifeguard he’s drowning!’. Me, no you have to be in the water to drown. 

When I couldn’t ‘wake’ him I took him to the lifeguard who run, put all the alarms off and emptied the pools. Poor school children having lessons were also evicted. 

They lay Z on the floor, he said I think he’s had a seizure, seek medical advice. Of course I would! I’m glad they didn’t ring an ambulance like they were talking about. All that went through my head was I can not go to the hospital in my swimwear! I can’t! All the lifeguards were very good, calm and professional. At least I know when I go there he’s safe! 

I took Z straight to a&e, and in all fairness he was seen quickly. The doctor was great, she wants a brain scan on him but wouldn’t keep him in for observation as he was getting quite agitated so said as he would be upset they wouldn’t get a true observation from him anyway. 

He will be sent from the peads department, that’s going to be scary as he will be put under. 

She did say it could be his first as well as his last, or it could happen again. 

I’m hoping it was the first and last. 

Since Thursday he’s been fine, he’s eaten lots and have been going to sleep earlier.

Hopefully I’ll have a few answers tomorrow when he sees the doctor. 


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