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Over tired 

So for the last half hour I’ve screamed and I’ve shouted, ( my neighbours must think I’ve lost it). Z is way over tired, he’s running and trying to climb in the window, trying to bounce on the bed, holding on to the wooden part that goes across, he’s then trying to bounce off the bed, the bit of wood going around the top he’s had his head, he’s fallen and scraped his back on the main bit of wood on the bed. 

All my patience is gone, I’ve tried pinning him down long enough to calm him down. This isn’t even working. He’s just struggling to get out. It’s warm in his room, I’m too scared to leave the window open even though it has a lock on it. 

The more over tired he gets he just sees everything as funny, so a bump to the head, when he’s not tired he will cry, tired and half and half, over tired he giggles. It’s not only quite frightening, for him to not feel pain, it’s hard  as I know that when he does calm down enough he’s going to start crying, as those memories come flooding back so to speak. 

I don’t know what else to try, part of me wants to put him outside on the swing as its dry, but will he expect that every night? Let him run around outside and burn off energy? But he’s got the energy and a little too much right now that it’s dangerous, as in he’ll run down the slide head first and as he’s tired he won’t have the balance he normally does. 

Do I put him in the car and go for a drive? Again would he expect that every night? I’d rather put him in the car, get some petrol and drive, but at 9.30 drive to where? Roll on the end of the summer and light nights, maybe just maybe the winter nights will make him sleep! 

All I can say is it’s draining going to bed the same time as your 3 year old. 


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7 thoughts on “Over tired 

  1. Hugs, it all becomes so much harder with no rest or sleep. Sending u all the luck to get through it. I don’t think One night in the car or out on the swing won’t hurt but completely understand your thinking. Xx

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    1. He’s still crying, he’s still screaming, which in turn have had an impact on both of us. We’ve spent the last 20 minutes screaming at each other and I’ve gotten to the point if I go now I won’t come back tonight!


      1. It’s not easy but try and take yourself out of the situation, could you go and make you both a warm drink, take him outside and explain to him things have got out of control tonight and that you both need some air and some quiet time to calm down? Then assess bedtime again in a while. Sometimes the battles can go on for too long when you try and take control of something that is beyond your control. Remember your the mummy, don’t get sucked in to arguing with a child. I know it’s so difficult but it’s not worth your breath as it doesn’t do any good. Xx

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      2. Not arguing with the child, the other half has had it all off me tonight! I did take him back down stairs ( did tell him were not going to sleep tonight! Not that he understood!) then after a drink like normal before bed, I calmly told him bed, he’s there but crying, whilst I chucked a pillow at himself and told him stay on the settee! If he lays on Lego or stands on one in the morning on way to work he mat be more inclined to pick them up 😉

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