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Autism a year later.

365 days, 12 months, 1 year, that’s how long we’ve been ‘officially’ living with autism. 

What’s changed? 


Z is still the same person. 

I was lucky I didn’t have the, ‘he’ll never do x , y and z’ diagnosis, I had we can’t tell you if he’ll ever. 

I’m not going to lie it hasn’t all been a nice easy ride this last year, somethings we’ve struggled with. The lack of sleep I think being the main one. The stress of not eating proper food maybe another. The lack of communication is again a biggie. The when he’s sick it’s process of illumination due to communication difficulty. Maybe a big one or more so for me is seeing all the other toddlers become children and Z still being at that toddler stage. 

But, I’ve watched Z grow tremendously this past year. I’ve watched his understanding get better, I’ve watched him try and get his point across, for example this week when wanting a drink took me by the hand and took me to the fridge. I’ve watched him become more vocal with the odd word, ‘George’ being a main one, I’ve also witnessed the bond between George the pooch and Z grow. They are becoming quite the mischievous pair! 

Yesterday, Z took off his dirty nappy in the bathroom, ( proud!) then decided to play in it. George tried to hide all evidence by cleaning him. When I said to Z oh what have you done, I was answered with George. No it wasn’t George. It’s safe to say everyone had a shower, poor pooch included! 

I know he knows his letters and numbers he also knows his colours, it’s just working out how to find these things out! 

I’ve watched him try and feed the Guineas and chat away to them, I’ve watched him try and pull pooches tail. I’ve watched him give kisses to his baby cousin and attack others and  I’ve watched him insist baby’s have dummy’s. I’ve watched him become confident around people he knows and shy around people he’s not met. I’ve watched him taking the world around him in and I’ve watched him struggle when that world is just too big for him. 

So here’s to the next year, the next 12 months, the next 365 days. With full time school helping I can’t wait to see how far we will go! 


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8 thoughts on “Autism a year later.

  1. That’s a lovely tribute to your son, at no point have you said he ‘can’t’.
    His understanding will grow with him and your understanding of him will too. Here’s to the fun and games of the next year xx

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  2. i love the way you said nothing has changed, when my son was first diagnosed i was terrifid that this one labl was going to change everything. I did feel like it changed stuff in my life, but in a good way, as in i was more aware of things.. 🙂

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    1. He’s still your son, you loved him for who he was before a label, and that’s who he’ll always be. He maybe the strange one , the one that don’t talk, the annoying one, the one screeches and screams but he’s still your son and you’ll still love him. I think it just helps explain things to others, he’s not doing these things to play up he needs to do them, there’s a difference!


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