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Welcome October 

Wow October is here already, where has 2016 gone? 

In just 16 days my little guy will be 4, I know 4. 

Looking at my time hop for the last 2 years, October has brought with it snot and bugs, this October is no different! Yesterday Z was sent home from school, last night he coughed and coughed and cried, we’ve been up since 3.30, there’s only so much coffee one can drink with soya milk. 

Today will be spent watching greys, and possibly napping! Z is happy playing with his numbers, on his iPad and with his numbers, ordering them and lining them up. So I think it’s a quiet day, with it raining outside an indoor day is happening. 

In 2 months we’re in December, there’s things I wanted to achieve this year that I haven’t, but I will do them in 2017! 

I may not have achieved everything I wanted to do but that’s life not everything goes to plan! 

So here’s to October, to what will happen, I’m looking forward to taking Z to folly farm for his birthday with my family and J and E. Then soft play on his birthday, cake and more cake! Just hope the weather is a little drier than today. 


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