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A little of what Z can do!

I’ve not done a what Z can do post in a while. 

Of course when out and about people can see what he can not do, he can’t be left alone or he will wander, he can’t come out of nappies  as he’s still not toilet trained, the obvious he can’t talk. People would see the sensory over load as acting out, being naughty. But that’s his way of getting away from where he’s at. He’ll run to the door to say it’s time to go. People can see he don’t listen to you if you talk to him, they can see can walk so why is he still sitting in a trolley or pram. Again coz he’ll run! 

Anyway what Z can do. That I know he can do. 

He can do his numbers, he can do these well. He can order to 100 in 1’s 10’s, 20′, 11’s he can remember the 17, 18 and 19 orders, 18, 36, 54. He will number 2,4,6,8 and 10. 3,6,9 and 12. Ok,  he’s remembering the order off the app he plays but he can still do it. He can order to 1000 in 100’s 

He can count, he does know the numbers he’s saying and trying very hard to sound them out. 

Letters he knows his letters, he can order A-Z and as with the numbers he tries to sound them out, he knows the letter and sound. He’s starting to spell too. 

He knows how to swim, the basics of how to swim, and with a bit of help in school this will come I’m positive of this, seems he’s the only one in his class that don’t need 1:1 support in the pool. 

I’m pretty confident that he knows his colours. If he can learn numbers and the alphabet of YouTube I’m sure he knows the colours too.

So when you look at Z and see what he can’t do think of what he can do that you can’t see! 

He really is an amazing little guy! 


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8 thoughts on “A little of what Z can do!

  1. Oh bless him! Your little man sounds very similar to my mine 🙂 My son is 12, not properly toilet trained, he does talk but only just enough to communicate what he needs. He has Fragile X Syndrome. I am also quite convinced he learnt he numbers from Youtube too! I bet they both know more about the internet than we do! 😀

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  2. This is amazing, and spelling too! He sounds a lot like my little boy and the things he has learnt from his iPad. At three he was completely non-verbal and then one day pointed out the letters on the fridge. Always focus on the can do it’s so important for our superstars.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

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