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Halloween and phantomloos 


Lots of parties for children, I have to turn them all down. Ok, it maybe a little busy for Z but I’m sure he would love the lights, disco lights would help him join in. Be like a ‘normal’ four year old. 

Do you know why on of the reasons I have to turn party’s for ?  Toilets. 

Yes, toilets. Where do I change Z? As a baby I could put him in his pram and do a quick change discreetly if they didn’t have any baby change facilities. When they they do have nappy changing facilities it’s the pull down type with a weight limit, so for an average two and a half year old. Z is four. Where do I change him? If I have to it’s always on the floor. Yes the FLOOR how disgusting is that. Would you be happy with laying on a toilet floor? If the floor is bad I sit on the floor and change him on my lap, I don’t particularly like sitting on the floor of a toilet but my son has needs, he can’t stay in a dirty nappy because there’s no where to change him. 

Lots more places are becoming ‘autism’ aware so where’s the changing facilities? Just something simple as a bench would make life much easier. It would mean that I wouldn’t have to lay Z on the floor where goodness knows what is brewing. If I don’t put Z on the floor it means I sit on the floor and change him on my lap, it’s not the best but I have no choice. He’s entitled to a clean nappy, a dry nappy the same as we are entitled to go to the toilet when we need too. So why are there no where to change him? 

Does this look secure enough to hold a four year old? 

Of course I’m not the only one in this position, any one think of the people who need hoists? Who don’t get the choice of laying down on the floor?  Now instead of the drop down if there was a bench there it would be accessible for many more people. 

Would you be happy laying on the floor in a public toilet? Please sign and share this petition


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