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Christmas crafts.

For this week’s blog, I decided to write about my Christmas arts and crafts from in the house and in mother and toddler group.

The craft I did in the house was a Santa and his reindeers on a sleigh made from cardboard and knitting. I got my pack from Tesco range of go creative and I had so much fun making it.

I was a bit annoyed that it did not supply glue considering you have to glue on felt and different materials. I had help from my mam and nan who did the sewing and my dad who helped me with the super glue.

For mother and toddler group I made reindeer hand prints and decorated it with a pom pom and a bell so it would look cute and happy. For next week’s mother and toddler group I will be making another Christmas craft.

I am also very excited because starting from tomorrow I will be taking a picture a day. Jo has given me a list of what pictures to take in December as a challenge!
Next week my list is ;

December 1: Advent calendar.       December 2: Christmas list.          December 3: Pair of boots.              December 4: Something red.         December 5: Warm hot chocolate drink December 6: Something at 3:00pm. December 7: Stripes

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Peppa pig party at Folly Farm! 

Today for Z’s birthday we took a trip to folly farm. He loves the place,  loves the penguins more than anything.

He loves the open space to run around. I like the fact that on the out door equipment there’s now a fence around them with one way in one way out. Makes it much safer. It was better to go here with the family, and J & E as his friend. Much more fun than a party, here he can just run around for hours instead of the normal two with a party! 

We were lucky enough to get some Party supplies, I choose the peppa pig theme. We were the only ones that had a table cloth with matching plates and cups to eat our birthday cake on. It did look really good! I Think we really stood out. It was great that I just had to take a made up box with me I didn’t have to go shopping or worry about getting anything. 

The party bags can go into school with Z tomorrow, with the tablecloth and cake so he can have a party with his school friends. 
I’d do this next year, would take the stress out of party shopping, within the week my box had arrived with made up party bags. So much easier, why am I only learning of this stress free idea when I’ve already done two parties! There was a good selection of characters to choose from and I was impressed with the quality. 

This birthday has been the least stressful party wise!

Think we all had a great day, other than the five to six minutes we lost Z, but that’s another story, one in which I will tell in a few days when just thinking of it don’t make me feel sick all over again. 

After we enjoyed cake, we were going to visit the fish but Z had different ideas and fell asleep. So we had a look in the shop and headed off home!


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Day four of toilet training. 

Oh yikes ! 

No in all fairness last night Z didn’t sleep, he was up at 7.15 as normal so start as I mean to go on he was stripped and placed on the toilet. Think he was more shocked that it was happening again! 

From 7.30 -10 he done ok, we managed to catch his morning poo on the toilet again! Yea go me! Then I left to go shopping and disaster struck. Z didn’t like dad putting him on the toilet. When I got back at 12 not sure who was more stressed. I brought a few Christmas presents upstairs, Z dad and the toilet do not go together at all. Z refused to sit on the toilet then would get up and pee on the floor, which in turn made for a very angry ( tired) dad worse, all I could hear was this isn’t fair why do you pee on the toilet go your mother and not me, with no poo on the toilet not the floor, oh look I’ve stood in it, no come back I don’t want it around the house.

So trying not to laugh, even though I was angry and tired I went downstairs, put a pull up on Z shouts at the husband ‘coz obviously when things go wrong it’s his fault! Then came back upstairs to calm down and finish what I was doing. 

We started again at 3, and he did pee on the toilet for me a few times, by 6 I’d given up and bathed him for bed. But at 9.30 he’s still awake, my eyes are stinging but he’s jumping and bouncing, and eh eh eh over and over again. Eh is fast becoming the most annoying sound ever! 

Is it wrong that when I hand him over tomorrow at 8.55 for school I may send him with a bunch of balloons a welcome back gift! Good luck miss, you may need more than aba training on your side tomorrow, I can send a box of kinder eggs and some lollies. Twisters work well too! 

Then skip off for my birthday breakfast! 

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Children in need 2016 

Children in Need 2016

For this year’s children in need I decided to make some yummy Pudsey biscuits and cakes. I prepared all my things by deciding what cakes I was going to make and what flavour icing would go well with vanilla cupcakes. It was so fun making all the cakes and making Pudsey chocolates to decorate different things. I took some pictures of the yummy cakes and I sold them at 20p per cake or £1 for 3 different ones. I would love to do this next year as well because I made £135 this year and I made 130 cakes! I sold my cakes in mother and toddler group and in my nanny’s flat ( Ty Bryn Seion) . I would like to thank the staff and the mothers that go to mother and Toddler group for buying and eating my cakes. I would also like to thank the people in Ty Bryn Seion for also buying my cakes. My sister works in Cooper Healey and she sold cakes too so thank you. A big thanks to family as well for helping me raise soo much money for a great cause.


 Mother and toddler group:

For children in need my cousin and I did Pudsey crafts with the children. We made Pudsey masks and did colouring pictures.


Caerphilly garden centre

I went on a trip to see Caerphilly garden centre with my Auntie and Uncle and we saw loads of pretty Christmas decorations and loads of different plants. There was cacti and there was big and small plants. I also took pictures from in there.

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Visiting Santa at Hamleys Cardiff 

We were very lucky to be invited * to meet Santa at Hamleys toy store in Cardiff this weekend. 

I was a little nervous about taking Z, Z in a busy store in the middle of the day on an autumn international day. I agreed and I’m glad I did. 

We were greeted by some elves as we went into the store ( and a few other local bloggers!) the elves had name stickers for the children. Z liked the elf with the bubbles! 

To head into the party room at the back of the store, we all walked singing Rudolph the red nose reindeer. 

Had to say some magic words before we could enter the room! Z wasn’t impressed with having to say magic words and attempted to open the doors by himself. 

Once inside we were greeted with two lovely decorated tree, santas chair, an electric fire and a table.

There was a place for each child, a cookie and some icing pens. Think Z had fun eating the icing off his cookie! 

When Santa landed the children sang jingle bells and in Santa walked! He was a lovely friendly Santa. He asked the children some questions and they all sat and listened to him read a story. 

The group was then split into two groups where some children met Santa and some wrote their Christmas lists. 

They have two groups suitable for ages 2-8 but can be split 2-5 and 6-8. I’m not sure how much of it Z understood, but the elves were very good with him. They spoke to him and asked him questions, they included him which was nice. They weren’t phased when he attempted to run about and open the fire  (maybe an elf should guard that!). At one point think it may have gotten too much for him, as it’s a small room and there were lots of people. Normally there’s only one parent allowed, I can see the negatives in if it’s a child’s first time meeting Santa then two parents would want to be involved, but for space one parent is enough. He took to hiding under the table and looking at the nice sparkly floor. 

He came around and took his Christmas list to Santa. I really liked the fact that Z was allowed to sit on santa’s knee! Santa spoke to Z think Z may have just babbled away to him but he didn’t run away! 

Santa you may need a little help with reading that!

At this point Z had had enough and was heading to the door. He was very lucky to revive a gift bag off Santa. He done very well and lasted 45 minutes. 

I liked the fact that it’s aimed at small numbers, this is great for Z, he gets to join in what he feels he can do. 

To see Santa at Hamleys it’s £19.99, at first I thought it would be a little expensive, if I had more than one child it would be. I spent around that last year to see Santa and it was a disaster, I really enjoyed meeting Santa this year, a much more positive experience! Z was calm enough not to run away we even managed a few photos. We didn’t feel rushed at all. In Z’s bag, he had a book, a teddy, a chocolate bar and a new decoration for the tree, so I think it would be worth the money. 

Thank you to Hamleys Cardiff for having us.

* we were gifted this visit for review purposes. 

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Day two – toilet training.

We were doing pretty good this morning, I left Z at nans to head to the school.

I put him on the toilet he didn’t do anything, after five minutes started to cry, he had peed in his pull up. 

He had one accident in nans before I collected him at 12. Pull up back on and he used that instead of the toilet!  

From 12-2.45 we were dry, in pants dry. We went to collect dad from work and even braved the car in pants, dry. He refused to pee for dad and peed over the the bathroom floor at 3, then again at 4. When I got in at 4.30 he did use the toilet for me. He got a lolly, I think the squishing of kinder eggs may have lost their appeal! 

We went to 6 before we put a new pull up back on. So not the best day. Tomorrow’s another day, may prove a little difficult as we’re heading to hamleys to meet the big man himself! As we’re down Cardiff anyway it’ll be a quick trip to collect his mattress from ikea and home. But Sunday is another day and hopefully with the schools help on Monday we’ll crack it next week! We need to crack it next week, he’s more aware now that he’s peeing and he needs to do it on the toilet.

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Day one – toilet training. 

After Z got sent home yesterday, I was going to pop out and get a few things today, there really isn’t anything wrong with him. Instead we started toilet training in the hope it is a success and the mix up won’t happen again. We have four days to get it! 

I started with sitting him on the toilet and giving him a beaker of juice along with his iPad. Thirty minutes later another beaker of juice. Over an hour later he finally had a teeny tiny wee, I made a huge fuss and gave him a kinder egg. Two minutes later he peed on the floor, I raced him to bathroom pee going everywhere, he was more shocked I think! 

Off the toilet we got, I cleaned up and put some pants on him, he pulled them down and peed, so back on the toilet. Cleaning pee up for the third of fourth time I did think of putting his pull up back on and leaving him, but, no I put a few towels on the floor and a blanket on my living room floor I was being prepared. He was going every ten minutes or so, so we moved to the toilet before we had the peeing on the floor! 

By 11.15 we were peeing on the toilet every ten to fifteen minutes, each time getting a kinder egg. He don’t eat the kinder eggs he squishes them! 

After dinner he had a nap, now I was starting from scratch again. But as soon as he woke up I took him into the bathroom and caught him peeing in the pull up, I had my start time again, 2.15. We made it through the day, managed to get it to every 40 minutes dry, and each time being placed on the toilet he would pee. I’m actually really pleased with how his day have gone. Here’s to tomorrow. As soon as he wakes it’ll be on the toilet and clean pull up and go from there. 

I may run out of kinder eggs and clean bathmats but we’ll do it. 

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Sent home sick! 

When you have a phone call from the school to say your son has diarrhoea can he be collected please. He’s been home since 2pm not a poo in sight never mind runny ones! 

Think that’s the problem with a child that can’t talk. I personally do not think there is anything wrong with him. He just happened to get up 10 minutes later than normal which meant his morning poo went 10 minutes later meaning he done it on the bus and was sitting it it, yuck! 

Now he has to stay off until Monday. I feel this maybe slightly unfair when I have him jumping around my living room and laughing and giggling! 

I’ll use tomorrow as a Mam and son day and may head to IKEA, it’ll be quieter during the day and we’ll grab some lunch! Think Friday he can go back to school if he don’t have a poo before hand! 

I know the school has to send sick children home, but in this case Z isn’t sick! 

He’s currently listening to we wish you a merry Christmas on repeat so I’m guessing this is something they are already practicing their school concert as he seems to recognise it! 

On the plus side he ate an apple on his way home from school! 

Then proceeded to play with his letters, he’s starting to make sentences I’m not saying they all make sense but he’s having a very good go. I love the little dog at the top! 

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Parents evening. 

Last week I went to parents evening. Is it big headed to say I wasn’t expecting bad news? Maybe because I’m lucky enough to see a teacher every day whilst collecting Z from school where other parents are not. So I’m thinking if there were any real problems they would have told me. 

I’ve seen the progress Z has made in a few short weeks, huge progress in the last year alone. To think this time last year we were saying goodbye to portage and panicking how I was going to managed in the big wide world by myself. Well it’s safe to say I’m doing ok. Ok, most of the time I’m doing ok! Of course we have those rough days but don’t everyone, the rough days make the fun days way more fun. 

Anyway, back to parents evening. I think his teacher was impressed with how well he’s coming along in general. We had his iep back a few days before, so there’s things on there that he had already hit. Copying is a big one Z struggles with. I can copy him making sounds and it’s funny but he won’t copy sounds if we make them. So for him to copy in school that day was huge. 

He’s quite advanced in his numbers and of course spelling, it’s just getting him to pass you a number or letter. I think he knows the number or letter he just don’t want to give it over, I’ll work on maybe pointing to the letter or number with him. 

Again, reading, does he know the word he’s spelling? Is he able to read that word. That’s another thing we don’t know. 

I had a look through his books, he looks happy in school, looks like he’s enjoying himself and the teachers seem to like him so that’s all good! He gets up to all sorts of messy play, sensory play and mark making. 

The next thing to work on is toilet training, we’ve gone from nappies to pull ups and he is more aware of what he’s doing so that’s another good sign! 

Here’s to the next year in school and how far he’ll come when the next parent evening comes along. 

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Question and answer session. 

Last week J set me a few questions for my homework. Here are my answers. 

List 10 random facts about yourself
I love the smell of washing up liquid

I like the feel of sponges

I can use my toes to pick up stuff

I love the colour pink

I love Star Wars 

I love stationary

I hate peas and beans

I hate early mornings

I like sleeping

I love to play monopoly
List 3 fears you have and explain why

I am scared of spiders because they are creepy

I am scared of bees because they sting you

I am scared of flys because they are noisy
What are the 3 things that make you most happy now

Rainbows make me happy

Dogs like mine make me happy

Christmas makes me happy
What is your dream job and why

I have not decided what will be my dream job but I was thinking of being an accountant like my sister Emi-lou.
If you were an animal what would you be and why

If I was an animal I would be a dog because you get loads of fuss and you go to the park alot for walks. 
If you could live anywhere where would it be and why

If I could live anywhere it would be in New York because there is so many places and monuments to see.
Favourite song at the moment

I really don’t like music because I am just not intrested in anything like that.
favourite book

I love reading so many books but my favourite book is about a dog called Doug the pug and It makes me laugh.

summer or winter and why

I love winter because of hot chocolates and making cool snowmen. I love being wrapped up in front of a fire place eating chocolate while watching christmas movies.
What is your favourite memory

My favourite memory is when I went to Euro Disney when I was 3 and it was amazing. I loved to meet all the princesses and I liked to explore the castle.