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My photo challenge

My work continued over the Christmas holidays. I enjoyed taking my pictures, I learnt how to edit my pictures and I look forward to taking more and learning different editing techniques. 
For day 8 I did my handmade Christmas snowflake ornaments which I created with my cousin.
For day 9 I did a stripy milkshake from when I went out for lunch with my grandma and aunty.
For day 10 I did the advent calendar that I made when I was in year 1.

For day 11 I did my singing Christmas frogs.

For day 12 I did my back garden from my landing window.

For day 13 I did my cookies that my mam and dad bought for me to ice.

For day 14 I did my small fibre optic tree in my living room.

For day 15 I did my sister Emi-Lou’s birthday present.

For day 16 I did my knitted nativity that my nan won in a raffle for me 4 years ago.

For day 17 I did all my different types of Christmas bells.

For day 18 I did our ceiling decorations.

For day 19 I did my home-made Christmas cake.

For day 20 I did the reflection of my decorations through my hall mirror.

For day 21 I did my build a bear boxes from when I went shopping in Cardiff.

For day 22 I did My pretty glittery Christmas reindeer on my white Christmas tree in our grotto.

For day 23 I did all my mams Christmas plants.

For day 24 I did our very own Santa’s Christmas grotto.

For day 25 I did my dog Andrex making a mess while trying to open all his presents!

For day 26 I did my Christmas blanket that I had a couple of years ago.

For day 27 I did my favourite holiday film which is Christmas with the kranks.

For day 28 I did not do anything because I was ill

For day 29 I did my nephew dressed up as a penguin and all my cuddly penguins.

For day 30 I did my favourite gift which was my ecological house.

For day 31 I did the fireworks for new year.



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