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Happy birthday! 

I can’t believe it’s been three birthdays I’ve celebrated with you, and I can’t even find a tidy picture of us! 

To believe we met at the doctors surgery when you just started randomly talking to me, and now you can’t live without me! 

We’ve had laughs, we’ve had disagreements we’ve had very small arguments and recently mixed signals. But I know what ever happens you know far too much about me I can’t just leave you there! 

This last 3 years we’ve drank lots of coffee, eaten lots of cake and drank lots of vodka. We’ve visited farms, parks, soft plays and beaches, with the odd pub in the mix. 

If you hadn’t started randomly chatting away to me I’d have never have known your existence and Z wouldn’t have a best mate, so publicly I’d like to say thank you. You know me, you know I ain’t lovey dovey, I don’t do kisses on my texts I don’t do hugging, but I can say thank you! 

Happy birthday J, looking forward to having a few vodkas, more laughs and visiting more places. 

See you’re glad you started randomly talking to me so you can be publicly thanked a nice post just for you! 

So let’s hit town, let’s drink a few vodkas, and as it’s your birthday  you really do need a sambucca shot! 

Then here’s to a few random cocktails one Saturday night! 


first time mother, first time blogger

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